Abused, Overbred Dog’s Happily Ever After

A rags to riches story is just the best way to start the weekend!


8.15.14 - Abused Dog's Happily Ever After1

About a year or so ago I got a call about a pittie that was running around Denver, and when I found her, her nails were cut through the quick down to the fur and she had scrapes and wounds on her head. She had a ratty collar on and no chip or tags. She was in bad shape. Emaciated and skittish.

I took her home with me and we got her checked out at the vet. She had an infection due to overbreeding and maltreatment. I paid her bills and got her fixed up and slowly but surely we became attached.

I cleaned her up got her back to weight. Named her Lucky and she became part of my family. I then put her through a service dog training program and now she is my PTSD dog and my very best friend.


Submitted by a fan to Dog Bless You