Stray Dogs Gets a Wonderful Rescue, and Is Smooched by Betty White

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Hope for Paws got a call about a stray dog that had been living in a lot.  There were many escape routes, so capturing him would be difficult.  Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo blocked up the holes and brought a huge net to corner him.

8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White1

They backed him against a fence and draped the net over him, but he’s so little that he managed to squeak through.  On their second attempt, they placed one net over another.  Trapped, the frightened dog buried his head.

8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White2

Eldad reassured him that they were not there to harm him.  He slowly looped his lucky leash around the scruffy dog, and Lisa gently picked him up.  Eldad took one look at his face and knew his name should be Einstein.

8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White3

As soon as they got in the car, Einstein started giving kisses – he understood – he had been rescued!  He was taken to be groomed, and in the process had hundreds of barbed foxtail seeds extracted from his skin.

8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White6

While healing, he was lucky enough to be filmed for TV and got to cozy up with Betty White, who was happy to give him a kiss!  Now Professor Einstein has been adopted and is loving life in his new home with his spectacular new family.  He even has his own Facebook page.

8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White4




8.15.14 - Dog Rescued & Smooched by Betty White5


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  2. I’d like to know who the jerk is who keeps giving a “thumbs down” to such a heartwarming story as this. This person obviously has NO compassion nor a soul. And to “thumbs down” a remark about Betty White I have only one thing to say to this jerk – “Go back to your cave and shut up!”


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