South Korea’s Longest-Running Dog Meat Restaurant Closes

“There is too much generational gap in boshintang [dog meat soup]. There are no young customers,” Oh said.


South Korea Dogs Dying Delicacy

As more and more people worldwide become aware of the plight for dog rights and the value of them as companions, the demand for their meat has drastically decreased, leading to the end of many business establishments.

About 2.5 million dogs are consumed in South Korea every year, but that number is dropping thanks to many television shows that depict dogs as cute, sweet companions.  People are seeing their value beyond the menu, and have lost their appetite for family recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Oh Keum-il, owner of the restaurant Daegyo, which once served over 700 bowls of dog stew per day, is closing her doors for good.  Many would stand in line for special dishes on certain days of the year, but animal activists would be standing right along with them, urging consumers not to eat the animals that make such excellent friends.

South Korea Dogs Dying Delicacy

Younger South Koreans are changing their minds about how they see dogs, and businesses like Daegyo are losing customers.

“There is too much generational gap in boshintang [dog meat soup].  There are no young customers,” Oh said.

The younger generations are also being exposed to different enjoyable foods, and have different perspectives than their elders.

“Whenever he saw my dog at home, he would say it’s the size of one bowl of hot soup,” said 30-year-old Kim Dongyoung of her grandfather’s views on her lap dog.

The woman has such love for dogs that she backed out of a lease for an apartment when she learned there was a dog stew restaurant in the same building.


275 thoughts on “South Korea’s Longest-Running Dog Meat Restaurant Closes

  1. I can’t believe this is even still an option, although hopefully it is completely on its way out…makes me sick to think there are people who think it’s okay to eat man’s best friend. WTF…one of the reasons I never plan to travel to the east again. Was there once…never again.

  2. Yeah this sick, but China takes the cake with the dog death squads. The worst thing is that killing innocent dogs is entertainment for them.

  3. Don’t clump all Asians together …… we are all not the same all we do is share a continent …… and nothing more …… it’s like saying all Europeans …. Hispanics …… Americans…… and so forth are the same which is far from the truth

  4. Thank heavens, now let’s hope the rest of them go out of business too. I will never visit Korea as a tourist until this stops! I also buy no Korean products!

  5. Not all Asians eat dogs but majority do specially men, used to be bad in the Philippines, that’s includes our beloved dog disappeared and we just found he became a casseroles in a families table, but now people are already stop eating them as one family died after eating the dog because of dog’s rabies…( not sure the spelling )

    1. Good thing they have universal healthcare and children who really respect their elders – they may be out of a job, but the cultural cushion is in their favor.

  6. Wwwwwoooooo-wwwhhhhhoooooooo!!!!! They all need to be closed & this disgusting act needs to be abolished & punishable to the maximum extent of the law

  7. Glad this place is closed, and I find the act of eating a dog horrific and nauseating. But with that said, I’m also pretty nauseated at the people who are saying “Koreans are disgusting” or “nuke the Koreans” or “all Asians are disgusting”. Assuming that all Asians are doing this is absolutely ridiculous. And saying that they should all die because of your gross opinion is pathetic. Have some class, and get an education.

  8. People calling a whole culture or people ‘disgusting’ or ‘sick’ because of a old-fashioned (and now dying) eating habit really need to take a step back. It’s so easy to criticize another culture you do not understand. I’m sure many of our western habits and cultural norms are unusual to outside cultures. I’m not saying eating dog meat is right but we can be grateful that in this case, it’s being phased out.

  9. It’s a step in the right direction. They are stuck in a world of culture and tradition and either not caring or not understanding that dogs have rights too and are meant to be our companions not dinner.

  10. I really hope one day we can feel this way towards the welfare of all animals and not just dogs, but until then, this is definitely a step in the right direction!

  11. Yes!
    And also, lots of Koreans are disgusted by this practice(did you not read this article?) so stop saying we’re all gross, and dog-eaters. It’s a cultural thing and luckily, the younger generations are phasing this out.

  12. All these negative, ignorant comments generalizing all Koreans or all Asians to partake in eating dog. SMH. I don’t eat dog, nor do I support dogs being used as meat, I’d like to comment that calling it “barbaric” is a bit extreme. There are lots of things other cultures eat that are considered taboo to some but delicacies to others. Don’t be disrespectful. And what is so different from eating a cow or chicken? Are they not worthy of our attention and protection as well? Also to point out, although I appreciate dog meat no longer being sold at this shop, these people are out of a job. That’s gotta be tough.

    1. I don’t support the eating of dog meat, but I do find it ironic people are quick to shame a culture that kills approximately 1/10 of the dogs euthanized in just the US due to overpopulation. What’s worse is that those euthanized dogs are then rendered for their protein and fat which is sold as animal feed and other ingredients for daily use products. People will stay in their blissful ignorance. Whatever keeps them happy and feeling superior.

  13. Look at pigs, smarter creatures than dogs and most of you hypocrites eat those poor tortured animals. Shut up and actually do something about animal cruelty in your own damn country.

  14. I am from Korea and my husband and I totally against eating dogs and animal cruelty. Keep in minf that not ALL KOREANS eat dogs. My parents didnt allow me talking about dogs meat in the house. A lot of people consider dogs and cats as their family member. Still not all Koreans are resposible as well. It is a great news. In fact I am donating bake goods for animal shelter to raise money tmrw. People need to stop judging and trying to educate them is the key.

  15. YES YES YES… Thank you God
    Oh for goodness sakes Skylar Coffey – if you wear make up, have a leather jacket bag or shoes or wear cotton then YOU TO SUPPORT OTHER ANIMAL MEAT BEING EATEN. Get over it already. Dogs are not bred for the table – pigs cows chicken lambs fish etc are.

    1. Because life in a shelter and eventual euthanasia for just being “one too many” is the damned American way.

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