They Went to Rescue Six Puppies, But Then…

In 15 minutes, the lives of 15 dogs were saved.



The Bill Foundation had been contacted about rescuing a Rotty mix mama and her puppies.  Without enough room to house them, they were at risk of being put down.

On the way to the shelter, the team spotted a frightened dog tied to a fence a block away from the shelter.  To avoid paying a surrender fee, many dogs are dumped here.  This girl needed some help, too, so she was brought in.

8.28.14 - They Went to Rescue Six Puppies, But Then...1

When they got to the shelter to pick up the mama and her five-day-old pups, they were told the puppies were only three days old.  It was then they realized there were two mamas and two litters.  They met the terrier mix and her brood, and knew they had to be saved, too.

Animal Medical Center took in all 15 dogs until foster homes could be found.  A look of relief could be seen on all the mothers’ faces as they took their freedom rides with puppies in tow.  In 15 minutes, the lives of 15 dogs were saved.

8.28.14 - They Went to Rescue Six Puppies, But Then...2

47 thoughts on “They Went to Rescue Six Puppies, But Then…

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  2. Bless the Heros that saved the mamas and her babies! Makes me want to cry! All the dogs are so beautiful, gentle and amazing!

  3. Thanks for doing such a great work. Shame on those heartless rotten people dumping their dogs as if they were disposable. God Bless people with the heart to care for them.

  4. I have the Bill Foundation as my charity on Amazon Smile. Everytime I purchase something from Amazon they get a percent of it. If you like these people as much as I do it’s the least you can do for them. Words are nice but money helps keep them rescuing more pups like these.

    1. I do the same thing Nancy. Go to “Amazonsmile” then look for the area that allows you to choose the origanization you want to support. Then everytime you shop always search for amazonsmile and it will open up as your account the when you pruchase a percentage is given. Very cool for those of us who shop amazon anyway!

  5. what is it that people don.t understand.. if you don’t want the dog don’t get a dog.. take some responsibility.. get them spayed or nuetered if no one would have found these dogs they would have all been dead.. get a life assholes

  6. Spay and neuter your animals! Even if you are the worst type of human being who chains their dogs Spay and neuter your animals! There are low cost spay and neuter clinics all over the country! There is no reason for the overpopulation of abandoned animals.

  7. If I ever saw a dog restrained to a fence and abandoned in that manner I’d take it home with me and explain to my parental unit the poor thing’s plight in the hopes she’d let me keep it. I have a real soft spot for hard cases of this type, people or animals in need of help.

  8. I would like to vote for Bill Foundation but did not see a link. Love dogs! Thank you! I wish all dogs could have good homes

  9. Awe so glad the mommies were relieved. I know they were worried about thier babies and how to take care of them. I bet the probably weren’t producing much milk. Good moms whether human or animals have an instict to protect their young and care for them. I’m so happy they were rescued. I hope all the puppies find good homes and mommies are fixed so this won’t happen again and the moms find good homes too, permenant homes. I love animals of all kinds. When I get home my dogs and puppy are so happy to see me even if no one else is.=)

  10. Was with a friend who runs the animal shelter in the county adjacent to where I live. She got a call from her boss, the county judge, telling her to euthanize 13 dogs as she was over capacity and he was receiving complaints about lack of space. She started crying (she’s not in the animal killing business) and a group of friends got on facebook and started messaging all their friends and by the next day they were all adopted. Her county has a very strict ordinance on how long the “shelter” is allowed to keep animals. Point #1; you shouldn’t be allowed to call it a shelter if all the animals have an expiration date. Point #2; a politician should never be in charge of anything that makes him worry about losing a vote. So sad. SPAY AND NEUTER. If you can’t afford to take care of an animal, don’t get one. They’re not a toy to be discarded when you get bored with them. My animals are for life.

  11. To all the wonderful people that rescue these poor babies; I salute you and love you all. To all the monsters that abandon them, mistreat them, and take advantage of their good natures; I despise you. I have 2 kids, a husband and 4 sweet dogs that I love so much. The look of love in their eyes when they look up at me is undeniable. The feeling of warmth and comfort when they all cuddle with us at bedtime is amazing. I will never understand cold hearted people.

  12. That was so uplifting and heartbreaking. I hope that we can educate people on spaying or neutering their animals. Thank you for your help in helping these animals! I hope in the near future we can make the animal shelters a no kill place so millions of animals can be spared.

  13. Live In Pa and its ashame the law doesn’t do more to help animals that cant speak for themselves. If you put a child to the fence and chained him you go jail . I love hope dogs and furry friends network. If give 10.00 a month to help these animals and write to congress and get bills passed it could change. Also don’t forget animals like horses and things that are killed for killing out west farmers cows. One dog and one animal at time we can do it.

  14. God expects us to be good stewards of this earth. I believe that includes the animals he put on the earth also. I cannot understand why people won’t spay or neuter their animals. It is a one time cost and the animals are a lot healthier and most of the time, much happier. Thank you to the rescuers. You are truly God’s people.

  15. Thank you for saving these precious babies. They are all special. It just breaks my heart to see animals that are not taken care of. They don’t ask to be here. We bring them into this world and so many people love them as puppies but as they get old they don’t want them anymore. Shame on them.

  16. Wow! I just watched your video I have to hand it to you guys this was amazing! I fully agree with spaying and neutering our dogs and cats we have sooooo many of them in shelters awaiting the death penalty. We humans need to get it straight animals were on this earth before humans were and when we were we were to take care of our animals (love,care, discipline, food, shelter ,kindness, etc) Keep up the great work!

  17. Why do there seem to be so many people that abuse or neglect their children and/or a

    nimals. I really do not understand.

    Apparently, there are alot of children that are abused and they grow up to be

    abusers, themselves. When are our communities going to wake up and realize that

    we all need to work together to solve this problem ?

  18. Thank You for saving these precious dogs. People should have to attend classes before they are allowed to have any animal as part of the family. Some of people oh how cute. Then the cuteness wears off in a couple of weeks and they just feed them if they are lucky.I have a dog as part of my family he is my best bud and I would do any and everything to make sure he is safe and happy

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