Homeless Dog Amazing Transformation

This homeless dog was tied to a car and dragged, then beaten and left to die, but he was rescued and nursed back to health. Here is his amazing story.

The story of this once homeless and hurt dog will warm your heart. Luca was found in Romania last October, he had been tied to a car and dragged, then beaten and left to die. His rescuers saved him and nursed him back to health. He is now a happy, active and playful dog.

Luca is still waiting to for his forever home. See what he looks like today. Tomorrow we will show you a video of him trying to escape bath time!

66 thoughts on “Homeless Dog Amazing Transformation

  1. It is extremely important to teach children to respect and to love animals, just so they won’t grow up to be abusers. Abuse must stop somewhere. It’s so hurtful and frustrating.

  2. this is a tag or something, nothing to compare to what he has been through of course romania shit country that kills dog, he is lucky very lucky to be alive. and he will and deserve a happy family, good luck to you my love.

  3. I wish I could adopt you, sweet heart. What happened to you is breaking my heart. Tears, tears, and tears. I wish I could all save you and protect you. I love you all.

  4. Those who hurt animals are not people ,they are monsters,bastards ,they dont deserve to live…i hope that karma is a bich ,and do the same things to them.

  5. Luca a plein de tendresse dans ces yeux et il est très beau! Je lui souhaite un foyer aimant et chaleureux! Il le mérite après toutes les souffrances qu’il a endurées! Je l’aime beaucoup

  6. this dog is NOT a cow; hard to believe your managerial control is this shoddy that your dogs need a hole drilled through its ear and that tag installed.

  7. So, as I cried while watching this video, one of my dogs heard me and got off the love seat to come to me where I was sitting on the couch, to lick my face. She was trying to console Me! That”s unconditional love. I don’t understand how humans could possibly be so cruel.

  8. Whenever I see stories like this….. I get to think…… What if we do the same things to those humans what they had done to this dog?…. That will be perfect!

  9. Who ever did this to this sweet animal should be punished.How could a human being do this to this sweet baby. God please watch over this baby.

  10. OMG – how can people be so cruel??? I would pray that his abusers are found and dragged behind a fast moving vehicle, beaten and left to die in great pain! KARMA!!! Please, someone take this poor baby and give him the love that he deserves.

  11. Such cruelty is beyond my understanding! I f someone doesn`t like an animal leave it alone or give to someone who likes animals. If this cruel person did it for ~fun~ he/she should consult a psychiatrist urgently! Fortunate to know love have finally arrived to this animal!

  12. There’s a special place in hell for the “people” who did this to Luca. I hope someone adopts him and gives him the home he so truly deserves. Bless you little Luca – not all people are bad.

  13. People are so cruel to poor, defenseless animals. He deserves nothing but love and happiness in a forever home!

  14. There is NOTHING that can happen to a human that could make him so bitter to give him the right to treat a dog in such a manner. Pure evil pieces of excrement. I’m so glad to see this beautiful dog doing well.

  15. Where’s the scumbag who did that?! I want to tie him up and drag him behind a car on a loooooong, bumpy road!!

  16. I hate that there is so many abusive pricks in this world. How is our race ever going to survive? So much for our evolution as many have devolved to worse than any other species on the planet. So much for looking after those that are less than us. How shameful that we abuse animal, our children, men and woman for fun and self gratification. Thank you to the kind few out there fighting the war against such cruelty.

  17. I would love to adopt him but just unable. I currently have 2 adopted dogs which is all I can manage at this time. I can’t understand how anyone could do such a cruel act. I hope these people are found and serious justice done. Like…hmmm… tie them to a bumper and drag the shit out of them. This story brought tears to my eyes.

  18. People cruelty knocks me sick, what’s wrong with the human race? Aww he reminds me of my dog Poppy she was rescued from Romania we’ve had her just over 18months, she’s the most loving loyal dog, can’t imagine what the first 3yrs of her life was like living as a street dog and the evil she & other dogs faced on a daily basis. I hope he finds his furever home and had the life every animal should have! xxx

  19. I’m ashamed to be ‘species-linked’ to the lowlife maggot scum who did this to this adorable dog….

  20. It amazes me how a human being can be so evil! I’m grateful this little boy was found by a REAL human being-one with a heart!

  21. Beautiful is the word and those who did it there is not enough words to explain what should be done with them.. I would tho recommend they be punished in the same way and then jailed!!!!

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