We’re Not Giving Up on Hope

“Hope needs a miracle. Without the surgery she will die,” said AARF.

On September 13, 2014, Jose Govea and a friend found a small, light-color, female dog resting on a median in the 5th ward of Houston. Upon closer inspection, the concerned animal lovers learned the dog had been hit by a car and the injured pet required emergency care. Not wanting the dog to die a painful death, the animal lover contacted Melissa McMillan from Melrose Park Neglected Dogs for help.

Without hesitation, McMillan agreed to help the injured dog dubbed Hope. She was rushed to a veterinarian.

“She was given the name Hope because in this little girl’s eyes is still a ray of ‘hope’,” posted Melrose Park on their Facebook page. “[She was] found by someone that didn’t look away. She is approximately four years old and someone hit her and left.”



After the vet examined the small pet, it was determined the dog’s pelvis was broken and the dog needs specialized medical care. Thanks to the different organizations McMillan and Melrose Park Neglected Dogs works with, a rescue organization agreed to help Hope. Adopt A Rescued Friend, Inc. (AARF Houston) welcomed the injured canine into their program and transferred her to North Houston Veterinary Specialists (NHVS) in Spring, Texas.

X-rays were taken and they revealed how extensive Hope’s pelvic fracture is. NHVS will be doing surgery to repair the damage, but donations are needed to pay for the life-saving surgery. If not enough finds are collected, AARF Houston would need to make a difficult decision regarding Hope’s future.

“Hope needs a miracle. Without the surgery she will die,” said AARF.



A donation page has been set up for Hope’s surgery. If you would like to donate please visit the page or contact NHVS directly by calling 832-616-5000.

AARF hopes to raise $5,000 to cover the surgery and rehabilitation costs. So far they have raised more than $3,000.

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  1. Love Dogs. Specially I love Playful Dogs like Labra, Rott and small Pups of both of them…. Rott i know not a playful dog but love it ….
    I want to Have one .. always watch cesar millan show on tv and love his show !

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