Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life

The thought of these children kicking and punching Hazel Grace in the head is bad enough but burning her takes this to a whole new level of evil

When Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) learned of Hazel Grace, a badly abused dog from a rural area in Missouri, they did not hesitate to help. The black little dog had been kicked and hit by her previous owners and if that wasn’t enough, her abdomen and genital area were badly burnt. Luckily, the dog was flown to Chicago and she is receive the medical care and love she deserves.

Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook
Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook


“This poor female pup has third degree burns on her belly and vulva, and her tissue has already become necrotic,” posted TAF on their Facebook page. “It was reported that the children [she lived with] were seen repeatedly kicking her in the head and punching her. It was not until after she was confiscated that her burns were discovered. When you are up close to her, it looks like they held her bottom over a flame or a grill and her vulva and belly were lit on fire.”

It is unimaginable the pain and suffering Hazel Grace endured at the hands of her owners, but what is more shocking is that her abuse was done by children.

“The thought of these children kicking and punching Hazel Grace in the head is bad enough but burning her takes this to a whole new level of evil… serial killers in the making kind of evil,” posted TAF.

As soon as the abused dog landed in Chicago, she was rushed to a veterinarian. The pet was bleeding and doctors had to stabilize her before any medical treatment could be done. Under sedation, the necrotic skin was scrubbed off from her belly and a silver sulfadiazine ointment was applied to her large raw wound to promote healing. In the end, half of the dog’s body was covered in bandages to prevent further infection.

“This next week is crucial for our little Hazel Grace,” said TAF. “She can become septic at any time as her body is already fighting off the infection.”

Veterinarians expect the abused dog to stay hospitalized for at least two weeks. She requires bandage changes twice a day and if her skin condition does not improve, she could need skin grafts.

Hazel Grace was saved after local authorities got involved. They discovered the abuse and confiscated her from her owners. She is now safe and receiving proper medical care, but her road to recovery is a long one.

To learn more about Hazel and what TAF is doing to help her, visit their Facebook page. Warning, there are graphic images of the dog’s injuries posted on the group’s Facebook wall. To help Hazel Grace, consider making a donation at

463 thoughts on “Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life

    1. What is being done to see that this family and kids are banned for life never to own other dogs or any kind of animals ever again.

  1. Kids can be evil too. They just need to have evil parents, or some kind of sociopathy. Thankfully the poor dog is in good hands now.

  2. Prayers for Hazel Grace…God Bless her and I hope and pray that she recovers and finds a loving family!

  3. So the ex owners get away with it?? This world is really screwed.
    Poor baby, hope she ends up with a great family, and is loved and cared for as she deserves.
    Oh, and eff those kids and their evil parents… praying for lots of karma their way, the sooner the better!!

  4. No “human” could do this to a sweet animal! To hear her pain and crying. What disturbs me us that they are children. They are evil little devils. On cases like this, charge them as adults! They deserve no leniency.

  5. This baby how can anyone do this I hope they find the ones who did it and justice is served they need to be put away.God bless this baby and the people who rescued this baby.

  6. No mention of what happened to the evil owners? Are they in jail or just a slap on the risk? What about the kids? They should all be put over a flame and burn their private parts! I’m livid! How can they even possibly think of doing such a thing? They will burn in hell!

  7. I sure hope they are finding a way to prosecute the family. The parents had to know this was going on.

  8. Can you tell me what is being done about it as those evil kids will grow up and then you know whats going to happen??? Also will they get another pet, who is watching? God this kind of stuff makes me feel so sick about the world we live in!

  9. children are not born knowing that kind of thing they are taught were you not all taught to walk and talk oh yeah and basically everything else you do. I’m glad the dog has been rescued but truly good job you rescued a dog and left children with adults that would teach children to do things like that my glass is raised and you should all truly feel good about yourselves.

  10. These human, will have same things what they did, I wish so, I really want to care these dogs, really shits human!!

  11. Evil is all I can say about these, what do I call them, “People”. May they suffer horrible atrosities

  12. Dear God…those children *smh* they learned it from someone. I hope the puppy heals well and is given a loving home. Those kids need serious help.

  13. The kids who did this need to be charged. If they don’t start some sort of therapy now then their violence will escalate

  14. This broke my heart!.. Those EVIL children & their parents should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!..Vigilante justice would be even better. ..Sickens me..those children are serial killers/abusers in the making!.Off with their heads…save some other animals or humans down the road from their demented and tortuous ways!..Sweet baby girl hope she recovers a painlessly as possible. I would take her I’d she needs a home. I am in California.

  15. Disgusting what these people did. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing he was kicked in the head and abused. These people need to be punished to the full extent of the law.

  16. Where were the parents when the children did this????What a bunch of sickos.This is how serial killers start out.I hope they get charged for this act of evil!!!!!

  17. I wish I could adopt this sweet girl! I’m so happy you are safe baby girl! As for the children………can they get put in a mental institute?

  18. Poor sweet girl. I hope she has a short memory and a long and happy life. I think these children probably need to be on foster care and should be watched for future behavioral problems. Torturing humans comes next.

  19. I hope she learns to trust again and can find a home with love. I also hope that the people who taught these children to hurt others are no longer allowed to have animals. I do hope that those children will have the opportunity to learn how to treat animals and other people with respect and kindness.

  20. The POS that done this needs to be caught then put through the same abuse before they get the death penalty

  21. Those r the kids that grow up to be psychopaths and cold blooded killers. They need to b removed from the fucked up home their living in and be put into juvenile detention with some serious help. Any one who can hurt an innocent animal does belong with the rest of society. The parents should also b charged with negligence and b put under mental assessment. I pray that poor dog finds love and those nasty people get what they deserve.

  22. Omg!!! Poor Hazel Grace! Those children are on the path to becoming serial killers… The parents need beat, set on fire and put in prison. The kids, well perhaps the same thing done to them.

  23. I feel really sick to my stomach right now that poor girl, can we hold those childrens bottoms over flames until they are burned? I don’t think therapy is enough for those messed up little shitheads.

  24. Like they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I think they all need a taste of their own medicine..See how they like it..

  25. And these were kids who perpetrated this crime upon this innocent creature. Can you imagine what type of adults they will grow into??? I shudder to think. Where the hell are the parents???

  26. Great future serial killers….both the little psychos and their parents should be sterilized and locked up to never see the light of day

  27. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!.. THERE IS NO NAME BAD ENOUGH FOR THOSE “PARENTS”… they need to be done the same too… beat the shit outta them, burn them and leave them to die!!! the kids the same……

  28. That’s horrible, I couldn’t even finish reading. Poor dog, those kids need mental help before they hurt other animals or even people. Where are their parents?

  29. Thank God she is safe, but those bastard children are evil little pricks and I hope to God they get their karma.. I dont care if they are kids they are sick pieces of shit! They make me sick

  30. The little bastards need to be lobotomized, imagine the crap these micro psychos are going to do when they get older? They should be added to an animal abuse registry.

  31. Thankful she is safe! Praying for a full recovery & for justice! Heartbreaking children are to blame! Where were the parents?!? I hope they are convicted to the full extent of the law… Terrible parents!

  32. Wishing for a full and speedy recovery for this poor girl. No animal should have to endure this type of horrific abuse.

  33. Poor little thing. Hope she will recover well and find somebody who deserves her love and devotion

  34. This is just horrifying. I hope the “children” who did this were made to pay for such a heinous crime.

  35. Would like to do a little burning and punching myself – to the perpetrators. Hope little Hazel Grace has the very best life from now on, congratulations and best wishes to Trio Animal Foundation of Chicago.

  36. I have NO tolerance for “people” like that… I would beat the ever loving shit out of each one of them if I had the chance. I am praying for the poor little soul…… that she heals and finds loving forever home. Are those monsters being prosecuted????

  37. These. Are not kids they are the future seriel killers of the world
    and the parents should be locked up as well ad thei
    r. Little. Monsters

  38. Wth is wrong with people and those evil little bastard kids I hope they all rot in effin hell, I freakin hate people that are so heartless towards an innocent animal dam it

  39. Omg poor Hazel. The pain she endured. I could cry. Sick, sick kids what is wrong with you? The pictures make me cringe. God bless you Hazel. Prayers for a speedy recovery.<3

  40. So the kids that tortured the poor dog should be punished. Those evil kids were raised by a devil. If they are not handled now they will grow up torturing innocent people, and yes maybe even becoming a serial killer. Natural behaviour from kids isn’t punching and kicking a dog in its head, only if its what they know to do. Hence i’m sure the kids parents have abused them as well. Apple does not fall far from a tree. And they should ban that family from every owning an animal again, even a damn fish they shouldn’t be able to have. If anyone has more to this story, i.e. what happens to the owners post it, i’d like to follow this.

  41. Children are taught evil; it just doesn’t “happen.” These children are modeling the behavior of others around them. We have 2 cats from our local humane society and 2 dogs from breed rescue and my sons care and protect them with all of their hearts. I see my sons loving all of our animals including the wildlife in our backyard. It is our jobs as parents to teach children to love unconditionally and compassionately, protect each other and never harm another whether its their grandparents, each other, their friends, etc. and most especially all animals and the environment. It’s so sad this little dog had to endure such abuse and torture. I can only hope justice is served and the punishment severe.

  42. Where were the parents/adults?????? Happy the pup was rescued and prayers for her! May she experience the love I’m sure she will give.

  43. I really hope this dog gets a second chance at life and love. Shame on those children and more so the parents involved.

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