Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life

The thought of these children kicking and punching Hazel Grace in the head is bad enough but burning her takes this to a whole new level of evil

When Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) learned of Hazel Grace, a badly abused dog from a rural area in Missouri, they did not hesitate to help. The black little dog had been kicked and hit by her previous owners and if that wasn’t enough, her abdomen and genital area were badly burnt. Luckily, the dog was flown to Chicago and she is receive the medical care and love she deserves.

Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook
Hazel Grace. Photo Credit: Trio Animal Foundation/Facebook


“This poor female pup has third degree burns on her belly and vulva, and her tissue has already become necrotic,” posted TAF on their Facebook page. “It was reported that the children [she lived with] were seen repeatedly kicking her in the head and punching her. It was not until after she was confiscated that her burns were discovered. When you are up close to her, it looks like they held her bottom over a flame or a grill and her vulva and belly were lit on fire.”

It is unimaginable the pain and suffering Hazel Grace endured at the hands of her owners, but what is more shocking is that her abuse was done by children.

“The thought of these children kicking and punching Hazel Grace in the head is bad enough but burning her takes this to a whole new level of evilโ€ฆ serial killers in the making kind of evil,” posted TAF.

As soon as the abused dog landed in Chicago, she was rushed to a veterinarian. The pet was bleeding and doctors had to stabilize her before any medical treatment could be done. Under sedation, the necrotic skin was scrubbed off from her belly and a silver sulfadiazine ointment was applied to her large raw wound to promote healing. In the end, half of the dog’s body was covered in bandages to prevent further infection.

“This next week is crucial for our little Hazel Grace,” said TAF. “She can become septic at any time as her body is already fighting off the infection.”

Veterinarians expect the abused dog to stay hospitalized for at least two weeks. She requires bandage changes twice a day and if her skin condition does not improve, she could need skin grafts.

Hazel Grace was saved after local authorities got involved. They discovered the abuse and confiscated her from her owners. She is now safe and receiving proper medical care, but her road to recovery is a long one.

To learn more about Hazel and what TAF is doing to help her, visit their Facebook page. Warning, there are graphic images of the dog’s injuries posted on the group’s Facebook wall. To help Hazel Grace, consider making a donation at

463 thoughts on “Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life

  1. So when are those children going to murder a human? Only a matter of time.
    Thoughts and prayers your way little girl. Rest and heal so you can make it to a loving home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The family of monsters need locked up. If children did this, they are evil, serial killers in the making.

  3. Psychopaths always start off torturing animals then progress to people. These kids need to be sectioned.

  4. There seems to be no limit to the amount of very bad s**t that humans do to animals. May the perpetrators all rot in hell, even the evil, nasty, horrible little bastards that tortured Hazel.

  5. God bless her! She is beautiful! Damn those horrible horrible children! Where the heck were their parents?

  6. Sick, evil, twisted punk bastards! Anyone who abuses/murders innocent beings needs to be dealt with harshly. I want to know if any charges have been filed. Those parents should be held just as responsible as those punks. Too bad those kids can’t be held over a burning fire and kicked because they need a dose of being tortured like what they did to this poor baby!!

  7. Poor girl those little monsters need to be punished and the whole family out on the abuser list…never allowed to have any kind of pet again! Those little monsters will grow up to be killers…horrible dirtbag family. They should be publicly shamed! Hope she heals well and fully and finds then the perfect loving family

  8. ~ This is heartbreaking!! What the hell is wrong with people?? And they are raising their kids to do this to a dog!!?? I am horrified and heartbroken… This poor poor little dog…. The parents need to go to jail and these kids need serious counseling

  9. The adults in that household need to be investigated for child abuse. Those kids learned it somewhere.

  10. And what happens to the sick parents of those sick children and the children? Probably nothing?!?!??!! Disgusting!!!

  11. Kids who abuse animals in this manner grow up to be serial killers…. What we have here are 3 serial killers in the making… With 2 adult teachers in our midst.

  12. Definitely something wrong with kids if they abuse like this. That’s disgusting they should be banned for life from owning any animal

  13. Don’t worry, little Hazel Grace, darling, nothing but healing and then a wonderful new forever home where you will know nothing but love, comfort and joy….and you will let go of all bad fears. Rest up, sweetheart, for your future is bright ! We love you ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ

  14. What’s to stop these d-bags from getting another poor dog and doing the same thing? Law Enforcement needs to take additional steps to ensure these little F***ers don’t do this to another animal!!!

  15. Fucking shocking. I hate to think what the children will turn out like, considering the nasty stuff their were able to put a defenceless creature through. Where were the parents when this shit went on??

  16. Not only do those kids need psych evaluation, you have to question their role model parents. She’s safe now but physically and mentally scarred, what about the next one they get hold of, or worse they escalate?

  17. Somebody needs to make sure that family will never have another animal. They should be charged, and I’m not saying what I really think we should do to them. I would make sure they will never hurt another animal. Ever.

  18. God bless this little baby. These so called kids will be punished one way or another. The parents will be to for allowing this. Won’t be long prison will accept them.

  19. Hope the parents were prosecuted and banned from keeping animals for life what sort of parents allow their children to be so cruel and abusive to this poor dog glad she was rescued and is safe from further abuse and is getting the care she needs

  20. These “owners” need to pay the bills!!! And where the fuck were the parents allowing this to go on? Are they sickos too?????

  21. Wow i just seen they are children.That’s even worse.What have their parents been doing for them to be so wrong ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  22. Those kids need to be taken away from the parents and need mental help or they will turn out to be serial killers. If they can do that to a helpless animal what would do to a human being. This is so incredibly sad

  23. I work w children and I serious don’t condone violence but these little fuckers deserved to be kicked in the face and slapped!!! Omg that poor baby.

  24. and were where the parents of these evil little gurriers when they were trying to murder this little dog i hope there is a charge of animal cruelty brought against the whole lot of them and i also hope somebody makes sure they never get near any animal for the rest of their lives

  25. I pray that whole family pays dearly for what they did. This is horrific and shows that humans that do this are without souls and I pray karma pays them ten times over. There is a place waiting in hell for them. That poor baby.

  26. the abusers will never do any good in society – these are future children abusers and killers – this is not a bad prank – this is horrible – they should be put to sleep

  27. Poor thing! I hope those kids get the maximum. I really believe that what ever a human does to an animal should be done exactly to them! Even if they are children. ‘Maybe then they will learn.

  28. If we held the kids hands over an open flame it might teach them, if we throw their parents in jail for a week or 2 maybe they’d teach them! Bad parents create bad kids ๐Ÿ™

  29. “Serial killers in the making kind of evil”
    I don’t think I could have described these rotten little beasts any better. Glad this sweet little girl is getting proper care.

  30. charge them please, charge who ever did this to this poor dog. kid or no kid charge them all….sick and tire of this shit.

  31. Que crueldad! No comprendo como los Padres de Familia pueden permitir este tipo de comportamiento. Es un acto de maldad.

  32. I hope the authorities are involved and charges will be filed. These kids are disgusting and so are the parents. Prayers for this baby

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