Abandoned Dog Hops on Bus, Gets Rescued, and Finds New Home

A four-legged bus passenger got rescued after caring individuals made sure the abandoned pet went to an animal rescue organization.

On November 18, 2014, a hairy small dog from Norden, England, hopped on the number 444 bus after his owner abandoned him. The dog seemed scared and nervous, but passengers made sure the little dog was taken to an animal rescue.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the dog was infested with fleas and sat by the bus driver. The pet was taken by staff at the Hair of the Dog groomers and then picked up by an animal control officer who dropped off the dog at Cheshire Dogs’ Home.

Bobby when found.
Bobby when found.


At the animal center, the dog was scanned for a microchip and one was found. The abandoned dog’s name is Bobby and unfortunately, no one answered the phone number listed on the chip.

Bobby was placed on a five day hold and many hoped his owners would come forward to claim him, but when no one did the little dog was made available for adoption.

Chris and Amanda Ball from Rhyl, learned about Bobby after the dog’s picture and story went viral on Facebook. The couple fell in love with the pet and decided to adopt him.

The four-legged bus passenger waited a few weeks before traveling to his new home, but he made it there just in time for Christmas.

Bobby enjoying Christmas at his new home.
Bobby enjoying Christmas at his new home.


“It’s just like he’s always been here,” Amanda Ball told Manchester Evening News. “He’s an absolute pleasure, and has become part of the family that we couldn’t live without. He will spend the rest of his days, living with us, by the seaside, walking on the beach and along the promenade.”

Congratulations to Bobby and his new loving owners.

48 thoughts on “Abandoned Dog Hops on Bus, Gets Rescued, and Finds New Home

  1. It’s quite alright – Bobby’s former owners did not deserve him anyway. Enjoy your new family Bobby!

  2. I am so happy that Bobby has found a new loving home, but I must admit this story really upset me. We have a border terrier, and he is the best dog ever. To see one abandoned was hard to read about

  3. This dog did not give up. He knew how to find help. What a beautiful soul. Wishing him full happiness with a new loving home. I hope someone adopts him very soon — the right family that can give him the love he so deserves.

  4. That”s great that he found loving home, after his meanie, heartless owner abandoned him, I cannot understand how a person/people could abandoned their own pooch ? I never in a million years do that to my dog

  5. Such a cutie – I guess it’s assumed he was abandoned. I know I wouldn’t abandon my dog but she use to be an escape expert despite fencing 🙂 luckily i could afford to microchip her.

  6. Yay for Bobby! What a gift that he picked that bus to take him on his journey to his new loving forever home!

  7. God always have a plan and absolutely was wonderful plan for this little angle ,thank you Amanda for your love you giving to to the little angle

  8. Aw what a sweet dog and even more wonderful new adoptive parents. I love how they said that he will spend the rest of his days living with them. Love it.

  9. Strange isn’t it that everyone seems to be animal lovers and yet there are so many abused or abandoned animals in the world.

  10. If they had a phone number from his chip that rang but no answer the. They should check the address and fine these people at least for abandoning their dog!!,

  11. Beautiful little dog, heartfelt thanks to the compassionate adopters who gave Bobby his chance, and a loving home.

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