German Shepherd Muzzled for Two Years Finally Rescued

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12.31.14 - Dog Muzzled for Last Two Years Finally Rescued4


From our friends at Guardians of Rescue:

Queens New York:

This beautiful shepherd lived in this plastic makeshift shelter with a muzzle on her face for over 15 hours a day.  She never was allowed in the house. And this was not a case of an indigent person – just a selfish, ignorant one!

She lived like this for close to two years.  A local rescue person has been fighting with the owner of the dog for over six months.

At one point they stopped muzzling her, then they started again, then she found out the tenant was physically abusing her! Angela Connell, the lone rescue person reached out to us, and we responded today.



12.31.14 - Dog Muzzled for Last Two Years Finally Rescued1


GoR member Gee went to the home.  You can see in the photo he is removing the dog forever.  As you can see, she has scars from the muzzle.  Gee in the photo is removing her from her chain and she is now safe In the hands of the Guardians.  She did vomit quite a bit in Gee’s truck – poor Gee.  She will never live outdoors, be abused, [or] muzzled ever again.

Thank you Angela Connell, for calling us, and never giving up on Alvita, now Vita. And thank you to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue for vetting her.

If you would like to foster or adopt her please contact us at [email protected].
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