Boy Carries Abused Dog Half a Mile to Safety

“I immediately started to get angry and looked into Garret’s eyes and saw nothing but compassion and hope,” the Facebook post said.

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On December 31st, Purple Heart Rescue shared a bittersweet story with their fans.  Garret Kaulkus (perhaps Kulkus?) was riding his bike when he came across a badly abused and injured dog in southwestern Washington state.  He abandoned his bike and carried the dog – who appears to be a Mastiff mix – over half a mile to his home.

At the Chehalis Centralia Veterinary Hospital, Garret and his father met a PHR staff member whose “heart broke seeing the condition of this sweet soul.”

“I immediately started to get angry and looked into Garret’s eyes and saw nothing but compassion and hope,” the Facebook post said.  “Garret was my teacher today.”

Dr. Brandy Fay and her teamed did everything they could for the poor boy, but alas, he could not be saved.

Though it is tragic that this dog suffered terribly and died as a result of his cruel treatment, at least at the very end he knew what it felt like to be loved and cared for.  Garret is proof that there are still kind people in the world who can be counted on to do the right thing.

448 thoughts on “Boy Carries Abused Dog Half a Mile to Safety

    1. Why? He tried to save one animal while going out and killing others (as can be seen by his hunting gear)….hypocritical is what it is.

      1. Most people don’t ride their bike to go hunting, I highly doubt that he was going to use his bare hands either. There are a lot of people that wear that color and style of clothing that don’t hunt. There is also a huge difference between hunting and abusing an animal. He could have just left that poor pup there to die in the road but he took time and effort to help the pup, that is a good deed and nothing you think or say can take away from that. Sorry you are such a miserable person to not be able to see the good and only judge a person on what you perceive to be true.

      2. Jenny, you obviously dont understand the big picture of hunting. There is a lot of time effort and research gone into deciding when, how and how many animals can be hunted for any certain county BECAUSE if the animals are left to over produce, they would starve. It is for the benefit of the species. I am an avid animal lover and rescuer and have been with a hunter for 10 years. He has nor ever would abuse animals, but he does provide for his family when he can. And we buy cage free, humanly raised meats and eggs. It is my guess you eat meat, and if you knew where it came from and how they were treated, you wouldn’t be any better. You would actually be worse because hunters and their families eat animals that never suffered, and benefit the rest of the species by keeping the numbers down so they can survive. And FYI my sister and daughter wear camo and have never killed an animal.

        1. For a small minority of people that need to hunt to sustain life, that is accurate, but for all those who have ready access to healthy meat and poultry to drive and buy guns and weapons to shoot innocent animals in their habitats as a “necessity” is really pushing it honey. If you’re so sure he doesn’t attend his pops hunting expeditions why not go ask? You do realize hunters use dogs to go out and rush out the game right? That’s part of the thrill y’all…

          And I’m a vegetarian so what else you got?

      3. He showed compassion for one of God’s creatures, while depending on another for sustenance. As it should be.
        Maybe he was wearing the clothing to keep warm. Who are you to assume what he was doing in the face of what he actually did anyway?

      4. Seriously?!?!? A lot of people like and wear camo styled gear and do not hunt….This statement is wow.

        Good job little dude! It’s great to see people still care in this world!

      5. Really? Because most hunters eat Dog, Right?
        Hunters can not not have a heart?
        A child can’t try to save a animal left to stuffer, right? Rather than talk crap about this boy, why not say something positive about what he did? People like you are HYPOCRITICAL… A deer, elk, ect are killed safer & faster & treated better hunted than the cows or pigs in feedlots.

        Keep telling yourself..
        (It’s ok to eat the dead animal as long as someone else killed it so that we can make rude comment’s like this!!!!!!!!)

      6. I dont agree with what you say.
        I have seen so many dogs like this one being tought to fight.
        So it isn’t the dog. It is the PEOPLE who owne these kind of dogs.
        Who teach them to be this way.
        So AGAIN its not the dog.

      7. Really? That’s your response? A lot of people, myself included, wear “hunting gear” for the warmth. It happens to be a lot less expensive than military grade outerwear. Besides, he was on his bicycle. How in the world do you expect that child to bring home the bounty of his hunt on a bicycle?

      8. You are basing your assumption on the clothes he wears? I once saw a picture of Bill Clinton wearing a hard hat, does that mean he’s a steel worker?

      9. And you know this how? My grandson wears that kind of clothing and he is not a hunter. Look before you leap dummy.

    2. I will NEVER understand how and WHY people think they can treat another living being with such heartlessness. Unfortunately, authorities may never know who did such a thing to this poor animal.

  1. That young man has great character and should be proud of what he did. Need more people like him in this world!

    1. As I sit here with my 3 dogs & 2 cats and tears running down my face, I want to repeat what Connie had to say “God bless you for being there. Your face was his last look of love”.

  2. God bless you Garret because of you this poor dog knew love at least once in his lif. It’s just so sad it was only once!

  3. Good job Garret! You did what you could in the last few hours of this poor dogs life and he knew love!

  4. Hats Off to Garrett! Thanks for loving your rescue! RIP rescue. You will be treated good in your new home and Father.

  5. Garret, what a beautiful soul you are! Thank you for showing compassion and unconditional love to this sweet dog and not letting him pass away alone <3

  6. What a kind soul. It makes me angry that people can be so cruel to a helpless animal. I’m sad he suffered but yes he was able to feel love as he was carried by a caring human.

  7. This brings tears to my eyes. Both because of the horrible cruelty that some people have in them, and the compassion, kindness and love that other people are capable of. My heart goes out to that kind passerby.

  8. Garret, you ROCK!!! Gosh, your parents sure must be proud; they’ve done an outstanding job raising a FINE YOUNG MAN!

  9. Well done Garret you should be proud of yorself. Such a shame you couldnt save this poor little soul but be sure it knew the love you gave at its end and know that whoever did this shall suffer in karma i hope. Rip mutley dogX

  10. Good job kid, it’s too bad there aren’t more of you out there. I’ll never understand why people do what they do to animals.

  11. Eye for an eye from now on. I see an animal being mistreated and I mistreat you for them!!! And I’m one creative off the rocker lady!!!!

  12. Rip little pup, and thanks to for showing the poor boy some love before his cross to the rainbow bridge!

  13. I hope the authorities will be looking at this more closely…well done young man…he did indeed know some love before he passed…

  14. Thank you Garret!!!! For helping the dog and for the reminder that there are decent human beings left.

  15. I’m sorry and sad for the pup. God Bless you young man ! Let’s find the POS abuser/s right away ! We need justice in all 50 states !!!

  16. You are a hero Garrett….sorry for the sad ending, glad you had a chance to show this boy some love if only for a little while. You are a wonderful example to all!!!

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