Man Laughs as He Dumps Crying Dog at Shelter

“This beautiful boy smiled bravely when he was first dumped at the shelter, but now it’s clear that he’s losing hope.”


1.2.15 - Man Laughs as He Dumps Crying Dog at Shelter1



Jack was heartlessly abandoned at a shelter by a man who is unfit to be called an “owner.”  As the scared pup began crying, the man laughed and left.  Let’s get Jack a home with a REAL family.

From Happy Endings Furever Companions:

PLEASE SHARE FRIENDS……JACKS OWNER DUMPS HIM AND THEN LAUGHS AT HIM WHEN HE STARTED TO CRY…….When Jack was dumped at the Carson Shelter in Gardena, California, he realized his dire situation and began to cry – and in response, his owner began to laugh.

According to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, witnesses watched in disbelief as Jack’s owner coldly left him behind. Jack had to spend his holidays at the shelter – and now he needs your help to find a home where he’ll actually be loved. Please SHARE his story to help him find a home!

This beautiful boy smiled bravely when he was first dumped at the shelter, but now it’s clear that he’s losing hope: The devastated dog stares back at the photographer with fear and loneliness.

Jack is #A4785668 at the Carson Shelter. He’s a male pit bull who’s approximately two years old. He hasn’t been neutered yet.

View his pet harbor listing here and his video here.

The Carson Shelter is located at 216 Victoria Street in Gardena, California. You can call them at (310) 523-9566.

Their hours are 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

“He has had many calls and he [is] getting his temperament tests done, said HEFC.  “All paws crossed!”


1.2.15 - Man Laughs as He Dumps Crying Dog at Shelter2


Chapo is another dog dumped at a California shelter shortly before Christmas.  Like Jack, he is two years old and would very much love a family.  He cries softly in his kennel when anyone walks by.  Let’s get him a home before his time is up!

Petharbor link here

CHAPO – ID#A4785446

Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577

Facebook thread here

Note – all inquiries must be directed to the Baldwin Park facility



1/3/15  UPDATE:  Jack is all smiles now – according to the Examiner, he’s been rescued!!


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901 thoughts on “Man Laughs as He Dumps Crying Dog at Shelter

      1. Yes, sympathy for a dog, by a nation of people and a religion who have no trouble treating people even worse. Typical .

        1. I tried opening my home to humans that needed a home but they stole my car twice.
          I will take a dog over a human any time

          1. I agree 100% with you. I would take my 5 dogs over any human any day , any time, any year. The more people I meet the more I love my furbabies.

    1. I take it nobody got the license plate of this
      laughing mans’ car. Would love to point and
      laugh at this a$$hole.

      1. At least he dropped the dog at a shelter , way to many are abused to death or just killed for fun .

    2. Someone should dumo this man at a homless shelter and take away everything he owns. Fire him from his job and take away everything and NO contact with family or friends or anyone he knows. People like him should be shot as far as I am concerned, what a jerk. Animals seem to be way better than a lot of people I have met in the last 20 years. What I jerk. I will pray for him although I don’t think he deserves it.

      1. You know I read all these comments , and wonder what have anyone of you have done to help out this dog or any other dog at your local shelter. Beside we can have comments on a man that’s was said to have laughed when he dropped the dog off. Even if he is a sorry person for laughing. He did take it to a shelter , a cold hearted bastered the dog would not have lived ! So we are quick to have insults about people but we sit back and not make a change. Support your local shelters so these dog have a chance to find an home and a family that wants them. There are a dog out there for each one of us to fit our life styles and personality. Come on people we are much more then this.

        1. I completely agree with what you said – he did do the right thing by taking it to the shelter – would have been much easier to drive it somewhere and drop it off like so many do. Who knows if it is true that he laughed or not – doesn’t really matter. You’ve got no right to even comment if you have never taken in a homeless dog – from off the street or in a shelter. For everyone that is so angry at what this man did – show your support for the dog by making a donation to a shelter or your choice.

          1. I’m glad he dropped the pup off at a safe place – the Shelter. The laugh may have been a nervous laugh… Either way, he cared about the dog to take him to the shelter.

        2. i have 4 dogs..2 fr rescue..i cannot afford another one. my son has 2 dogs fr rescue, one costing him a lot of money (always sick, etc) but when they got the dog..they made a commitment..this is for life…no giving up. so far i have been four dogs give lot of love. i really wish i can afford more. all my dog have their shots, are all ‘fixed’, and have their microchip. please someone adopt this sad, beautiful dog…give him this sad story a happy ending..he will pay you back w/ lots of love..he just look so lovable, huggable chunk of love.

        3. I have 2 shelter dogs, they r the best dogs. I would only have shelter dogs. agree with “Dog” at least this idiot dropped the dog off at a shelter. I have seen so many dogs abused n left for dead by a holes. Or went to dog fights. Yea he is an idiot about laughing about it, but he had to have some kind of heart to take him somewhere safe

      2. I feel awful for the pup, but he is in a safe place and I hope he ends up in a good, loving home! The owner did the right thing for whatever reason he could not or did not want the dog, he was responsible enough to take him to a safe place.

    3. there is enough hate on this planet without you guys arguing over a dog….animals are low on the list..get your animals fixed before you bother pawning them off …if you cant afford it..dont get an animal…

      1. Eff dogs??

        No POS, FUCK YOU and your MAMA for raising such a stupid, non caring benevolent old sack of sailor SHIT!

        I know plenty of dogs smarter than people like you, and ones that CAN ACTUALLY SAVE HUMANS.

    1. Let me introduce an another IDIOT Mr.Ken Sandale. I can’t believe that these morons like Sandale manipulated by media still exists. You need some education you pathetic looser. Remember one thing: Animal is always innocent! If there is something wrong with a pet, it is always human fault. By the way, Pitbulls are the best dogs in the world. Now go to the restroom Sandale and splash your [email protected]>}ng head down the toilet. Shame on you stupido!

    2. Somebody drop him off somewhere, when he gets old and feeble minded. This is really disgusting.

    3. He will probably get the best because he is on here. What of the others in all the shelters on earth and even worse the ones not?

    1. how would have helped anything. The owner is a male, so he couldn’t have an abortion anyways. At least he didn’t kill the dog or abandon it on the streets in the cold. He brought the dog to a shelter so it would be adopted by a loving person.

  1. At lest the man had the sense to bring the dog to the shelter. Others are not so kind. Giving him up was a good thing, so I credit the man for that.

    1. Carson is a very High Kill shelter, not a place to abandon a dog, especially a pit bull when they are often not adopted.

    2. You are right Andrea,
      We have got to stop slamming Pet owners for dropping their Pets off. But it would help a lot a whole lot if they would take them to a no kill shelter. I really do not think the adverage person knows to ask the shelter if they are a no kill shelter. We need to thank the Pet owners for not just letting their Pets die somewhere.

        1. You know, this is really all our fault. If we would take the time to spay and neuter our dogs and cats we wouldn’t have this problem – especially in the south.
          I drive transports almost every weekend, taking dogs from the south part of the U.S. – mainly from Texas to up north and to the west where people really want dogs and take better care of them. We do this so the dogs can have a chance to live and be loved and have a warm home. If we didn’t form this ‘train’ of volunteer drivers who donate their time and gas on the weekends, these dogs would die.
          We all need to step up and care for all animals… What has happened to the human race?!! No one seems to value life of any kind anymore.

          1. Bless you. I am awaiting my two rescue shepherds from TX, due to arrive on Jan 10th. Be safe on your missions. The world needs more folks like you!!!

          2. When some humans can’t even treat their own species with love, respect and compassion then there is little hope for animals. We must step up to the mark ourselves or, if not able to do this for whatever reason, support, in any way we can, unselfish people like yourself, wherever and whenever we can. I applaud you!

          3. Anonymous ..
            GOD Bless you and other pet Transporters I WISH there were more like you//I too rescue pets and MORE should do the SAME,,, and do what I do I am not rich but too old to now house more pets so I TAKE POOR peoples pets to be NEUTERED when my pension allows THAT can aso help LOTS

          4. i’m from ky. and i have up to 5 dogs most of them were abandoned.people just walk off and leave them .i give them good homes care for them,love them.feed them stake if i have to.sometimes they find their way to me .and i keep them i don’t always have the money to keep them but ,they are not treated badly .i put animals above ANY human.

          5. Thank you for doing that… i have no issue if a pet has to be taken to someplace else due to a death of an owner or financial inability to care for the animal, but i’d like to see all shelters that kill these poor animals closed down across the world….. WHY do we have to kill them. It breaks my heart… they are so loving, forgiving, and ask so little of us as humans…. i’d take a dozen or more if i could afford to. And, anonymous is correct in stating we humans need to take the responsibility that the pets cannot for them selves… take them and get them spayed/neutered and have them micro chipped too ~~ it’s really not that expensive… and if you cannot afford to do the right thing for a pet, don’t get one to begin with !! If you find one roaming loose, take it home and give it a safe place until it’s owner can be found.. and if you don’t find it’s owner, keep it so it’s safe from running loose and possibly getting killed on the streets.

        2. Not in Michigan. We have rescue groups that foster animals and the shelters keep the animals as long as possible.

    1. This is the reason that I like, and trust animals more than I do people most of the time. This man didn’t deserve this beautiful dog! He will get a home, an owner that will treat him like a king compaired to what he had, so I am happy for the fellow. God bless his little heart. Karma really sucks!!!!!

    2. If you are serious, why don’t you contact one of those “transport” rescue groups who will drive the dog to you.

  2. I really hate some people. Sure hope this dog learns that being left available for a new family was the best thing that ever happened to him.

    1. This ugly demon n the other woman should get the needle! ! Worthless breed that has caused more deaths n maimings then sll other breeds combined

      1. U are a piece of garbage. I suggest u do a lot of research on pit bulls. And then do some research on the bastards that train them to fight. U’ll change ur tune when u discover what they do to these dogs to train them. idiot.

  3. Asshole!!! Makes me sick as hell that people are heartless.. But I agree at lease he didn’t sell him to an abuser or abandoned him ..hope he gets the family he needs !!

  4. This breaks my heart I hope GE finds a great home with a family who loves him like my sista Nicole Pressler

  5. Some people disgust me. I fought to bring back the pup I saved when deployed. He was loyal not just to me, but to my mother as well.

  6. Ugh. No empathy. He didn’t deserve the love that this sweet dog had for him. The good news is that the dog will be pleasantly surprised to be in a loving home where he is appreciated.

  7. He’s at the Carson Shelter in Los Angeles, CA. It has a very high kill rate and he has been there for a while. Please someone help get him out! There are rescues that will facilitate a transport if you would like to adopt him. He is out of time. Thank you!

  8. Talk about being empty inside! His lost, he never deserved that pup’s love to begin with! Hopefully it won’t be too long before a true dog lover comes and gives the poor pup a true loving home. Oh and full credit to the shelter staff for not laying the guy out, don’t think I could of controled my anger!

  9. And this is why I’d not be a good shelter worker…the ‘owner’ would have been followed home… Sharing

  10. Please go to the Facebook page Saving Carson shelter dogs and like and share! These dogs don’t have a chance to make it out alive without help from people sharing them.

  11. Jack is sooooo handsome… and he looks really sensitive and intelligent …. and obviously a people bonder…. I wish I lived closer … because he is going to make a fine lifetime companion for a very fortunate person.

  12. How sad. Poor dude. Now for the POS that dumped the dog: hell awaits thee with great anticipation. You’re a sorry excuse for a person.

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