Animal Services Helps Rescue Dog from Fla. Muddy Pond

It is very common to find alligators in Florida’s ponds, but on December 30, 2014, a Shepherd/Alaskan Malamute mix was found trapped in the mud of a pond near the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The unidentified dog is now known as Gator and thanks to two heroic officers, the pet is alive today.

Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services


Around 11 a.m., Orange County Animal Services and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were called to come to the dog’s rescue. The pet was stuck in shoulder-high muddy waters and a boat was required to reach and rescue the pet.

Once the dog was pulled to safety, he was taken to Animal Services were he was examined by veterinarians. The pet is believed to be three years old. He is underweight and suffered from swollen feet from being lodged in the water for a long time.

Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services
Photo Credit: Orange County Animal Services


When found, Gator was wearing a collar but no ID tags. For the time being, veterinarians will monitor the dog’s health and they hope to reunite him with his rightful owners. If no one comes forward to claim the dog, he will be placed for adoption.

Officers Will Bower and Nicole McKenzie are Gator’s heroes. Thanks to them, the dog is alive and healing today. Flyers with Gator’s information were posted in the area and rescuers hope the pet’s family will see them and come claim their pet.

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  1. What a beautiful dog! I hope the former owners can be found and explain why Gator is underweight. Maybe he escaped and has been running for a while. Hopefully the family steps up or a new one is found for him.


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