Piglet “Adopts” Pit Bull

Levi and Pigalina were both unwanted, but they are now wanted by each other!

1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull


Pigalina and Levi are best friends.  Both unwanted, they ended up at the PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia.  The little piglet took an immediate liking to the big guy, and the rest is history!



1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull2


When Pigalina was rejected by the rest of her litter, she was taken in by the sanctuary, which is owned by Melissa Susko.  In addition to pigs and dogs, the sanctuary houses lots of cats, horses, and pretty much whatever else needs a home.


1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull6


The kitties even get their own special room with catwalks to keep them occupied and give them more space.  Because what good are walls to a cat if they aren’t covered with places to climb and sleep?


1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull4


Kitties don’t mind construction – wall studs and blocking just give them more places to snooze.


1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull7


Though Levi and Pigalina have grown, they are still best buddies.


1.16.15 - Piglet Adopts a Pit Bull3


If you would like to help the sanctuary continue to rescue and house animals in need, please CLICK HERE.



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  1. This reminds me of when I got a white pot bellied piglet. She was not tame. I had a white and black pit bull/American Bulldog mix. The piglet took to my dog like it was her mom. I even had to take the dog to the vet with the pig so she would stay calm!

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