Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting

Julie believes that after everything he went through being a bait dog and surviving and still having a sweet even if timid disposition, that more than qualifies him for his new title.

1.3.15 - Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting1

A rescue group from Central Florida was alerted to a dog that had been mercilessly dumped in a field so beaten up and bloody, it was almost impossible to tell if the dog was actually still alive or not.  After an exhaustive rescue effort, this dog thought to once have been used as bait for a dog fighting ring, now has a second chance at life.

The dog’s original name was Jonah, and when he arrived at the vet clinic he was brought to, medical staff knew time was of the essence.  He was immediately admitted, and they performing the emergency surgery needed to save his life at once.

After the surgeries were complete, Jonah, or as he is known now, Champion, hung around the animal hospital to kind of recuperate and be a bit more closely monitored for any complications that may have shown up post-surgery.

Once medical staff was satisfied that he was mostly out of the woods so to speak, he was then sent on to Me and My Shadow Dog Rescue.  That’s where he met up with the rescue group president Julie Galante, who gave him his seemingly better fitting name of Champion.  Julie believes that after everything he went through being a bait dog and surviving and still having a sweet even if timid disposition, that more than qualifies him for his new title.

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189 thoughts on “Rescue Group Saves the Life of Dog Used as Bait for Fighting

  1. Anyone that will abuse and mistreat an animal will do the same to a human . These people involved in dog fighting should be jailed and never released. You have to be evil to do this to one of gods creatures. When I view the evil that seems to be increasing in our world , I am greatly concerned for the fate of mankind since so many are ready to excuse this evil and tolerate it.

  2. ugh this breaks my heart that people do this to these beautiful animals thank god hes okay as for pieces of shit people who do this they will pay for it in time.

  3. Truly, what is wrong with so many people? So much hate and abuse. God bless this doggie and all the other helpless creatures at our mercy to love and care for them. Prayers that our world can become a kinder and loving place to be for “us all.”

  4. I just can’t. Done with reading about deranged sick humanity for the day. Praying for this sweet soul. :'(

  5. Hopefully they also had the police scour the vicinity for the scum dog fighters. thank you for saving him!!!!!

  6. Look at this beautiful dog I wish animals wouldn’t go in everybody’s hands … Hope one day it will stop . Thanks to the ppl who helped

  7. Praying for a speedy recovery Champion !!! Praying for dog fighting rings to cease to exist. So many innocent lives stolen.

  8. Poor little baby. He does seem to have a strong will to live. Karma will catch up to the a holes that did this to you. Get well baby.

  9. Please keep us updated on his story!! Especially if he still needs a home once he recovers. Thank You.

  10. people are so sick. Sometimes they will take your dog right out of your yard and do the same. This poor dog will carry his scars inside and out for the rest of his life.

  11. That God. These rings need to STOP!! Breaks my heart every time I hear bout them. No animal should be subjected to violence. All they want is to be loved just like humans.

  12. Laws have to be CHANGED before these types of horrible crimes are going to STOP!! The people that are responsible need to pay dearly for their acts of violence and animal cruelty!! My heart breaks for these defenseless animals…..and the suffering that they endure.

  13. The people (& I use the term loosely- these are not ‘human’ beings) deserve the most severe punishment there is; it would still not be enough. Whomever knows who did this, knows true evil. Turn them in, as they will turn on you.

  14. The laws against people who endanger their animals needs to be made so much harsher. These animals are NOT inanimate objects. They are kinder, more loving and more compassionate than a great many human beings. They only want to love. Animal endangerment laws MUST BE STRENGTHEND!! THESE HUMAN ANIMAL MUST BE PUNISHED!! This can not be allowed to go on. Must we become a vigilante society because the laws aren’t working?

  15. Let’s hope that someone knows where this poor little man comes from, and that some justice falls on those responsible. Bring back public flogging. The evil that some are capable of never ceases to amaze me.

  16. At the moment, I don’t trust myself to comment rationally on what I think should happen to the people who did this to the little one.

  17. that dogs not even 2yrs old yet ,I swear on my mothers eyes if I ever catch a group of people fighting dogs anywhere I’m unloading on the crowd ,simple as that then i’ll just sit down rite there an wait for the cops to show up an tell them “yes I did shoot ev1 “I claim temporarily insanity as my defense ” it was a crime of passion ,sorry your honor but catching those fkrs abusing puppies just snapped something inside of me and everything just went black next thing I know I was outta bullets and tired as hell ………….skip jail get released on time served go straight back to that place and burn it down to the ground ………… fighting in Philadelphia where I am from is too common place the cops know all about it and still do nothing ,it’s up to us the people that care about the dogs to stop it or it will just get worse every year …………animal abuse is far worse a crime then anything else in this world ,it’s time the worlds population realizes it ,so step up and stand out do anything in your power to put an end to animal cruelty and that humans are the top species on this planet and animals are just here for our benefit mentality …….ignorance is not tolerated …….. a planet can be judged by how the population treats the other species below them …….as the dominant species we should be helping the other species to evolve and better it’s self an condition of life not make it unbearable and exterminate breeds …………how many species need to die off and become extinct for the humane race to fkn figure out the truth ,sad but most live backward azz lives an their mentality is pure ignorance an stupidity most animals are far more intelligent then most human beings …….they seem to live in balance with each other and nature taking only what is needed to survive but the human beings take far more then whats needed on this planet an leave destruction in their wake , ask yourself why ?

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