Badly Abused Dog Rescued from a Nightmarish Life on the Streets

by Fred

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1.3.15 - Badly Abused Dog Rescued from A Nightmarish Life on the Streets1

In Statesville, North Carolina a stray that has been nicknamed “Zippie” was rescued from the streets by the Iredell County Animal Services, and was in just terrible condition when they found him.  The neglect and abuse was evidente from just looking at him.  And what makes matters worse is someone zip tied the poor dog’s legs so tight that it didn’t only cut off circulation, but cut right into the skin itself.

Zippy recovered under top quality medical care.  He’d been given antibiotics to help with any infections that he may have had, and the aim was to really rehabilitate the little guy so he can go home one day and be a very much loved and respected member of a forever family.

Doing some background research into who Zippie’s is, where he came from and how or why he ended up in the shape he was in when rescued supplied some pretty interesting information.  His name used to be Emmet, and he’s an approximately one-year-old hound mix.

To make matters even worse, it actually would seem that poor little Zippie had been placed with what was supposed to be a forever home for him, but it was not to be.  His humans had to surrender him and he ended up stuck back at a shelter again, badly needing a loving family to call his own.

He’s described as being good with children, other dogs in the house and women.  He does seem to be quite stand-offish towards males, especially if they have longer hair.  They do want to note that Zippy never gets aggressive, but is easily spooked.

As of the writing of this article, there is a potential adoption pending right now for Zippy.  You can click here for a direct link to the page Facebook page for more up to date info explaining everything.  If you’d like to visit Iredell County’s Animal Services Facebook page you can click here, or if you want to go to their home page, you can click here.  They still have many really great dog that are ready to love you for life, and be that best friend you’ve always wanted.