English Bulldogs Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

Who could resist these roly-poly little nuggets?


This week, we want to know which dogs YOU think are funniest – boxers, English bulldogs, huskies, pit bulls, or Frenchies.  Now, we know all dogs can be entertaining, but these are some of the quirkiest, silliest kinds of dogs.  Your likes and shares will tell us who you think tops them all.  We’re on day two – bulldogs!







49 thoughts on “English Bulldogs Are the Funniest Kinds of Dogs (Video)

  1. Boxers make me laugh all day but I’m bias w 3 of my 6 being boxers and the rescue I volunteer w is a boxer rescue ,,,but this lil girl is an Australian Kelpie loves to smile

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