Crocodile Ruins Vacation By Eating Dog

A mean crocodile ruined everyone’s vacation when the reptile jumped out of the water and attacked a dog.

When you think of witnessing nature at its best โ€“ lions chasing hyenas or crocodiles snapping at gazelles – you think of a safari, never would you expect that while you’re enjoying the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you’ll witness a crocodile attack.

Tourists were in for a surprise while they enjoyed the marina. A local shop owner’s dog, a Black Labrador with a red collar, went to the water’s edge to gaze at the crocodiles when suddenly an aquatic reptile snatched the poor dog off the shore, killing him instantly.


Visitors were expecting to see crocodiles in the area since there is a sanctuary for these animals a few miles away up a river, but they never expected to see man’ best friend get attacked.

What’s worse, the crocodile swam for hours with the dead dog in his jaws.

The video of the croc swimming with the dead dog was uploaded to Bogged on Facebook. We want to spare you from seeing this sad scene, but if you have a strong stomach, go ahead and watch it there.

136 thoughts on “Crocodile Ruins Vacation By Eating Dog

  1. Thank you for ruining my night. This is the exact opposite of the premise of this page’s namesake.

  2. Not impressed with this post. I own a beautiful black lab. Why the hell was the dog roaming loose in a crocodile park.

  3. Well not sure why a page that is title Life With Dogs would post a picture of a dog being attack by a reptile.

  4. As sad as the story is. This is the reality check some people need. People are careless and let their dogs go down by the water where they are one lunge from being a meal. I guess they never watch NatGEO.

    1. I think it’s good that this story was posted It serves as a warning to pet=owners that they must be vigilant and careful.

  5. Exactly why dogs should be kept on the leash or left at home. They shouldn’t be anywhere near zoos and giant reptile parks.

  6. Well, this has ruined my morning. Granted, this is just an unfortunate event but seriously – Are you trying to depress us all?

  7. I can only assume they posted this to educate people of the dangers of having dogs near water but yea that picture… Just awful. Definitely broke my heart

  8. Jesus, post a warning THEN a link? !? Do you have any idea how upsetting it was to scroll down and see this?

  9. I live in Florida so I never walk my dogs past water. Also the dogs I walk with my business I never walk past water just because of this fear. By the way this image is terrible. Shame on you guys for posting it.

  10. Pretty sad of this group to resort to such a picture. Very important message, but you could have put this together far more tactfully.

  11. I’m sorry but WHO would even think to take pictures of this?! and why would you want memories of this? I would be too busy balling my eyes out! That poor dog suffered horribly

  12. This is not an acceptable image. This is a tragic imag that shouldn’t be posted. Please be mindful of the images you post. The e loss of the dog could’ve been prevented by the handler. I say toss the handler to the croc so he/she would know how it feels to be devoured alive. I am very disappointed with you for posting this. I’d appreciate it if you grab some Filipino politicians instead and feed them to the crocs.

  13. I just found this page a few weeks ago and have enjoyed the uplifting and happy ending stories. I am truly upset that this graphic picture was posted here. You could have had just the article with a warning as to the content of the picture. Not sure I will return here

  14. tough crowd tonight, just try showing them where their dinner actually comes from and you won’t have any fans. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I could have lived without that post as well but such is life. Shitty things happe all the time.

  15. This is so Inappropriate in so many ways. To some people, their dog is their child. So let’s say this gator snapped it’s mouth around a child. Would you post that too?!?!?Tasteless for the sake of page traffic. Disturbing!!!!

  16. Can’t even read the story. Not even curious to know how, when or nothing. I totally agree, this shouldn’t have never been posted.

  17. Is this life with dogs or watch a dog die a horrible tragic death. Wtf is wrong with you???? Unlike get now. I don’t want to see your crap anymore. Now.. I am going to go hug my three dogs. Assholes!

  18. And I despise people like you that have no feelings. If you don’t like my post, then don’t read it. I didn’t post it for people like you not to like it, I posted it for my own personal feeling. So why don’t YOU get a life and maybe some feelings with it. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, let’s keep it that way, shall we. I have no time for people like you. Thank you and have a fantastic day ๐Ÿ™‚

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