Dog Surrenders to Police as His Owners Are Apprehended

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Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

We know dogs are truly loyal to their owners. It doesn’t matter if the pet owner is a law-abiding citizen or not, the pet will stand by his or her owner no matter what.

In Florianópolis, Brazil, police officers raided a home and apprehended a group of drug traffickers. When the arrest was made, a pet was found in the residence and when the four-legged friend saw his owners lying on the floor, he too surrendered himself and lay next to his owners.

One of the officers found the action of the canine endearing and snapped a photograph of the dog next to his owners. The officer posted the image on Twitter and the image went viral.

The dog’s name and breed are unknown, an even though we don’t know what happened to the dog after his owners were taken away, one thing is for sure, the pet was not arrested and thrown to jail.

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        • all you morons are cop haters. no police officer would kill a dog unless he was being attacked by say a ,pit bull!??

          • ok ‘bltick’ go to youtube and look up ‘cop kills dog’ you see countless cowardly cops shooting dead happy dogs with wagging tails that are running to greet the officer on THEIR property.

          • Don’t mind bltick, he’s what we can an “Ugly American”. Cops shoot dogs every day, then use the sorry-assed excuse of “I was in fear for my life.”, even when it’s a little lap dog.

          • bltick your an a**hole and an ignorant one at that. Cops shoot pit bulls without discretion in raids and frequently. I work in a law firm and have seen that many many times. And it is always a pit bull who is usually doing nothing but barking. I have yet to see an actual case where the pit attacked

          • why do you assume it would be a pit bull? they are very loving pets, IF treated like pets and not a hit squad.

          • No one even acknowledge this idiot. He’s probably one of those police trolls who spends their entire day editing pages and leaving comments that are pro pig since he is one of the SOBs or at the very least the department fluffer

          • Really moron I read about someones dog being murdered every day by some coward of a cop.

          • You are naive aren’t you? Cops shoot dogs all the time without provocation. Cops shot my friend’s newfoundland when the dog was trying to hide behind a bush in it’s own yard.

          • Wow, ignorant. Pit bulls are one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever encountered. I have two of them.

          • I agree ‘bltick’ lots of morons on here. To bad blacks aren’t as smart as that dog then maybe they wouldn’t get shot

          • A cop in Sulphur, La. as recently fired for shooting a non aggressive dog tied to the bumper of his owner’s car.

          • A Sulphur, La. cop was recently fired for shooting a non aggressive dog that was tied to the bumper of owner’s car.

          • Your head must be somewhere the sun don’t shine because they shoot dogs all the time. WTH is wrong with you. Cops are assholes PERIOD!

    • That was exactly my thought. Good thing he wasn’t a pit bull. Would have been killed just for walking by!

    • How can you all miss how funny this picture is and dwell on cops killing dogs and dogs mauling people?

  1. drug traffickers usually have dogs fight rings or else. they get at least a kudos for being good dowg owners lol

    • It is really sad how much damage the US has caused by the so called war on drugs. Just like in alcohol prohibition we have made two bit thieves into millionaires. We have spend billions all for nothing.


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