New Life for Rusty After Living Chained Up for Ten Years

A man’s act of kindness and willingness to speak up for the voiceless got a dog rescued after then pet spent 10 to 15 years chained up.

People might think that dogs who spend years chained up and with limited human contact are aggressive dogs. The say these forgotten dogs will never be able to join a home, but most of the times, these dogs that have starved for love, want nothing more than to be part of a family.

Meet Rusty Diamond, a dog from Phoenix, Arizona, who spent between 10 to 15 years chained up alone in yard. All he did was watch the world pass by and bark at anyone or anything that approached him.

Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo
Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo

How would Rusty know love when he had never felt it? Vimeo user Jared Piper posted a video documenting how Rusty was rescued and given a chance to know love. (You can watch the video here.)

On May 11, 2015, Rusty left behind the cruel life he had known. He was filthy, infested with fleas, hungry, had tumors on his body and wounds on his ears from flies and fleas. On that day, the lonely dog experienced his first walk, his first bath and his first restful night sleep.

Piper had seen Rusty in the yard many times, he knew the life the dog had was no life for any dog and that’s why he decided to do something and change it. For weeks, the rescuer approached the fence and sat in front of it talking to the dog even though the dog barked and growled back. Piper patiently waited and gained Rusty’s trust.

Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo
Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo

One day, while Piper bonded with his four-legged friend, Rusty’s true owner came out of the home.

“I told her that he needed medical attention, and explained that leaving a dog chained up outside 24/7 is animal cruelty,” said Piper in the video. “[The owner] laughed and told me [Rusty] had been chained up for 10-15 years. I told her I wasn’t leaving without the dog.”

Piper’s act of kindness and willingness to speak up for the voiceless got Rusty rescued. A few minutes later the pet owner handed Rusty over and the dog was free. His new happy life was about to start.

Rusty after getting adopted. Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo
Rusty after getting adopted. Photo Credit: Jared Piper/Vimeo

Piper couldn’t adopt Rusty himself, but he sure got him the perfect forever home where the dog is surrounded by love from his human parents and fur-siblings.

Watch the video to get Rusty’s full amazing rescue story.


133 thoughts on “New Life for Rusty After Living Chained Up for Ten Years

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  3. Watched this the other day. I hate how cruel people can be. Hate the thought of a loving soul chained. Thank goodness for those that see the love in dogs eyes.

  4. I see these poor souls and feel so saddened, I wish I could save them all. Then I look at my old boy sleeping on his own chair in the living room and can’t comprehend why people do these hateful, hurtful things. At least he’ll know love in the little time he has left.

  5. Grateful for those who see an injustice and act to bring comfort & healing. Wishing Rusty & his hero many happy days with wagging tails and giggles ahead.

  6. I cry my eyes out every time I see a video like this or read a similar story. People can be so damn cruel 🙁 Poor sweetie!! Glad he’s been rescued and will know what love and affection is for the rest of his life.

  7. I have a neighbor who puts his dog out from 6am to 10pm every day of the year and crates him when he is inside. What kind of life is that for a dog and why do you have one?

  8. I think about a pooch I know (back in the States) who’s only known being on an outdoor tether. He’s the sweetest, big ol’ lug…. I wish a real, loving life for him one day…. 🙁

  9. Sobbing watching this – amazes me that dogs are so forgiving after being treated so badly for so long. Thank you for caring and rescuing him. Wishing him a wonderful life with his new family xx.

  10. He looks like my boy Rigby who I found on the side of the road after he broke free from a rope. Covered in fleas, dirt, and sores. But now he is the sweetest lovable boy 🙂 rescues are the best

  11. Be aware around you. Your neighbors, their routines, the sounds of barking or crying of children. Don’t say it’s not your business. That something doesn’t feel, seem or sound right, make a call Someone, some animal might need help! please. Law enforcement has been re trained not to ignore but to get involved. Please!

  12. I cannot understand how anyone can do anything like this to a dog. Heres my woof bonnie right now exactly where she belongs sitting next to me on the sofa. Evil bastards that do this need locking up for good

  13. Who does this?? What kind of society do we live in? Where were the neighbors – did nobody care??? These people must rot in hell –

  14. Saw video – so u waited 3 years to rescue him??? Are you frigging kidding me? I would have done it in one day – I applaud you kinda but why did this person wait so long -terrible to read this -made my stomach turn

  15. Dogs are Angels plain and simple. Anyone who abuses them should suffer a swift death. No need to be cruel to such loving animals. They are only here for 1/8th of our lifespan. Love them, don’t abuse.

  16. I swear some people just need to be knocked upside there frickin head. This just makes me furious people are so stupid. DO NOT OWN A DOG IF YOU CANNOT GIVE IT LOVE!!!! For Petes sake.

  17. Wow! Thank you for saving Rusty Diamond! You are so amazing. Hope he will find his forever home soon. ❤️

    I learned even you can’t adopt him, you can offer to take him for walk first to let him show the world.

  18. I love wonderful stories like this about animals who have been treated terribly in life and get awesome homes with a REAL life that they so richly deserve.

    I must apologize in mentioning this, but the article was not terribly well written. I am a stickler for the written word since my entire career revolves around it.

  19. People SUCK! Why would anyone bother to have such a loving creature if they’re not going to treat it well, or even enjoy it themselves! Jerks!

  20. I am in tears… What an amazing story. Thank you so much for saving this wonderful dog. Lots of people think that it’s good enough for a dog to be fed and have water and be chained in the yard they whole life, the don’t realize how cruel that is, this kind of ignorance makes me feel so frustrated and mad…yet like hundreds of other people I am just walking by, don’t intervene. This story is very inspiring.

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