Vets Save Dog Found Tied Up and Stabbed

Naif was found with his legs tied together, rope wrapped around his torso, and a stab wound on the neck. Today he is recovering and looking for a forever home.

During the first week of August, a man walking his two dogs in Almeria, Spain, found an injured dog tied to a light post. The dog was almost unconscious and suffered a deep stab wound on his neck, but thanks to the animal lover, volunteers from El Refugio (a local animal shelter) rushed to rescue the dog.


Named Naif, the one-year-old dog was rushed to a veterinarian clinic, and there a medical team saved his life. When found, the pooch had his legs tied together and rope wrapped around his torso was secured to the light post.

Naif recovering.
Naif recovering.

According to Nacho Paunero, El Refugio’s president, someone purposely left the dog there to die a slow and painful death, but fortunately the pet was found on time.

Naif is recovering well and rescuers hope to find him a loving forever home soon.

96 thoughts on “Vets Save Dog Found Tied Up and Stabbed

  1. I truly don’t understand how anyone can become so twisted to harm an animal let alone in such a horrific way. I believe in Karma and there will be a special place in hell for who ever does such things!

  2. Thank you saving this little beauty. I wish whoever did this cld read these comments and see what ppl think of you you peice of shit dirtbag

  3. It’s so sad that people are still so sick!!! Why does this happen?!? I will never understand who someone could do this

  4. I’m a gentle, peace loving person normally but I believe I could do great bodily harm to the sicko that did it. Bless the rescuers!

  5. Its disgusting to me when I read things like this on this Facebook page when I would rather see a dog taking a cute bath.

    What is wrong with society to make people do things like this.

  6. I really wiish these so called pet friendly organizations, who make milionaires with our donations would start lobbying for tougher laws for animal abuse. It is going to take a movement to open the eyes of the courts to make them see how big of a problem this is.

  7. Id love to ask the abuser what exactly it is they get from doing these kinds of things…there are shelters to take unwanted animals for the most part…is it because he did something you couldn’t take the time to teach him properly and because he didn’t get it the first time its pay back time…what need inside u is fulfilled doing this…

  8. Laws works accordingly to the value of the victim. They should work against criminal intention. This is awful… our morals and ethics are awful.

  9. awwww poor dog baby why they did hurt dog i feel sad hurt my heart dog so sad god bless dog feel better as well soon i love you dog hugs xo

  10. So happy here that he was found and looked after .. but on the other hand whoever did this should be severely punished … this was a horrific thing to do to any animal… in fact makes me sick!!!

  11. How many of fur babies have 2 die & be abused or suffer not 2 have food or water no love….. Nothing…. What do they get out of it??? Are laws SUCK……Hope both of fur babies get a 4ever home…

  12. I was arrested for saving a pit puppy that was hanging to death. I went to the door and the owners ” wanted it like that” and threatened to beat be, etc. I got a disturbing the peace. The cop did not even check on the dog. I am sick of this animal abuse here in New Orleans. Especially bad to the dogs.

  13. I would love to find the animal who did this.. out of the 2, which 1 seems to have a soul here…poor baby, I’m glad he was saved, breakers my heart tho…

  14. Omg reading such stories it makes me wonder wat are we becoming day by day… Heartless… Shameless these poor souls who are on our disposal who trust us love us n we… Shamed of being from this human race… We shud all have bn animals… At least we wud have a peaceful world..

  15. Poor dog. How can any human being behave like that against a totally innocent animal. Some humans are not worthy of being granted a life in freedom on this wonderful planet.

  16. OMG…..the more I read about this things, the more I lose faith in humanity! How can anyone hurt a defenseless creature and think it’s okay?!! Poor baby…..I am glad you are in good and safe hands….I pray you find a wonderful forever home :'( <3

  17. the disgusting person who did those horrible things to that poor dog ,needs to be found & have the same things done to whoever did this .

  18. What kind of bastard would do this? Hope the abuser meets karma & dies a slow painful death. God Bless the good samaritan for getting Naif to the vet that saved his life!

  19. thats whst they do in spain after hunting season..bastards…..SOBs….what can be done about this ???…its hunters community ?,,,

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