23 Dogs Taken from Alleged Dog Fighting Property

Huntersville Police are reporting the removal of 23 dogs from a property suspected of being a dog fighting ring.

9.30.15 - rescued dogs

According to police reports, 23 dogs were removed from a property suspected of being a dog fighting operation.  The reports say that many of the dogs recovered would typically be breeds used for such a thing, and many of the recovered dogs had injuries consistent with fighting.

The investigation into the people responsible is still ongoing.  Police say they have talked to many neighbors and possible people of interest.  Although as of the immediate no one has been arrested, the police want to make sure they cover every suspect fully.

A woman calling herself the aunt of the property owners says the dogs were never used for fighting.  She is claiming that the dogs were being raised to be sold, not fight.  She also claims that one dog had an injury, and that dog was properly treated, but none were ever made to fight.

A treadmill was found surrounded by plywood on the property.  Something commonly used to train fighting dogs.  During the rescue, the local ASPCA took video evidence.  In that video can be seen 16 adult dogs and seven puppies tethered to very heavy chains, and the condition the dogs were forced to live in were disgusting.

Kathryn Destreza from the ASPCA said, “That’s how they live their life.  If they’re not fighting or being conditioned to fight they live their life on the end of a chain.”

Huntersville Police say they got wise to the fighting operation through tips.  Then, a special team was assembled with animal control and an investigation was launched.  This investigation is what lead to the removal operation.

The police department is now making sure they have enough information on the people in question to make arrests.  What will happen with the dogs is now up to a judge, and if any more information is released, we’ll cover it here.

133 thoughts on “23 Dogs Taken from Alleged Dog Fighting Property

  1. God Bless the rescuers and prayers for the sweet babies who were saved. Praying for them to find a forever safe loving home.

  2. This was near where I live and on the news last night a family member tried saying.. “there is no dog fighting here they sell them not fight them”.. made me so mad to see her covering for them! So glad they were saved!

  3. I hope they give those horrid excuses for human beings jail time. just for the way they were chained is enough evidence for me!

  4. Disgusting, those people should be put in prison. Who in the heck fights dogs…. what’s wrong with people?!!
    I hope the dogs get good living homes <3

  5. Horrendous. These dog fighting rings have got to end.
    A few months back I read that the FBI was now classifying Animal Abuse as a FELONY.
    Does anyone out there happen to know more about this subject ?

  6. We definitely need stiffer laws/penalties for such acts of cruelty. Some people are just down right sick and disgusting for thinking this is some kind of entertainment. It takes all kinds to make the world go round however…these kind don’t deserve to breathe the same air…I place them in the same category as rapist, murderers, child molesters and people who inflict pain on others!!!! They are ALL scum of the earth!!!!

  7. Maybe they can start with arresting the aunt for lying!! There’s proof of dog fighting & she’s going to deny it?! Low-life cowards! ??

  8. Probably used as bait for training? If so, replace with the bastards who ran the thing. Throw them into the center of some Pitties and the Pitties can have their training!

  9. There’s a special place for folks like this and it’s not Heaven! You can’t have God in your life and do things like this.

  10. Omg thanks that they were saved..please ..these people need to be punished…set an example to others the consequences if they do this are steep! The only way to stop this! Obviously they have no morals or feelings….pure evil…..the law has to deter them…from doing this cus it would be he e sentence if caught!! Not like That Vick guy….send them out with a slap..

  11. Should put these people on a list and make sure they can never adopt a dog again. Of course this is after they put their asses in jail. If not for fighting, then for chaining adult and puppies. This is ridiculous, and until these types of people are punished unfortunately this will never stop.

  12. Vile,.twisted,.disgusting,.trash..They.need.to.be.removed.from.the.earth.and.sent.to.burn.in.hell..That.goes.for.all.dog.fighters.and.animal.abusers.

  13. My first Pitbull was confiscated from a drug/dog fighting raid. He had some issues, however he turned out to be a wonderful companion for 14 yrs. My heart breaks for these dogs, just glad they are safe now.

  14. Disgrace to the ‘Human’ race….I would throw those cruel, sick minded people in an enclosed area with wild hungry
    Animals and let them experience the abuse, terror, pain!

    Those that do this to innocent dogs do not deserve to be walking amount us.

    I hope their day in court comes soon…thank God they were rescued in time due to vigilant and caring people.

  15. Start taking the assets of the homeowner. To give to animal welfare. Then jail time. People may think twice about doing this crime.

  16. Good and shut down them and other and never let them have a license to operate for dog fighting. I am against animal abuse in any form what so ever. Shame on all the people who abuse dogs in any way what ever they are evil and should be arrested and put in jail and done to therm what they have done to the dog or any type of animal. Good are the police in Huntsville for removing the 23 dogs from this dog fighting property for good.

  17. A lot of the dogs that are used in DOG FIGHTING are stolen from peoples back & front yards stolen from shelters, stolen out of cars and pick-up trucks, they buy them online, including ebay & other sites , they always want dogs that are being given away ( theyll pretend to be a kind loving person or even send other people to get the free dog).
    All the while our beloved pets anf strays are being starved tortured then subjected to these awful dog fights to die a horrible death.
    Always know where your dog (s) is. Careful who you give them away to.
    God Bless all dogs

  18. Alleged? Show the vet bills proving these pups were getting medical care. If puppies are truly being sold, then some kind of medical documentation is required.

  19. People should cherish and love dogs not treat them so badly and use them for fighting. People who do that should be hung or shot for this outrage

  20. Am so glad for those poor little puppys they are rescue now and hopefully they will find good loving homes very soon !!!! Good job guys!!!! Put those criminals in jail and make them pay !!!!:)

  21. Take the property like they used to do with drug dealers..sell off..and pay for the care and rehab of the dogs..and refund taxpayers who have to pay for these crimes! If You Love Me, Put a Leash On Me

  22. I wish you could put those people down! Well done for sweeping in and rescuing these babies. I get soooooo tired of reading about these SOB’s that abuse animals. We NEED stronger punishments!!

  23. Thank God they are rescued. This is such an evil, vile and disgusting way of life subjected on these beautiful babies by deplorable human beings!!

  24. This is so inhumane. There should be a law against anybody who doesn’t have their pit bull(s) spayed or neutered. Not to phase out the breed, just to try to save all of them that there are that are either euthanized or in shelters and there are so many you would find it hard to believe. Just go to you local shelter & you can see for yourself.

  25. Please someone save all of them people make me sick please save them all so they can find a loveing home please lord. Do let these things happen to these babys

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