Police Dog Photographed on First Repelling Training

This police dog was photographed on his first repelling training, and the look on his face says it all.

11.11.15 - police dogFEAT

This photo was taken of a dog and his handler during their first training session in repelling.  The look on the dog’s face says it all, and we don’t blame him.  We’d be terrified too!  The photo has since gone viral on many social media outlets.

“As for the photo going viral, we were pleasantly surprised,” said Sandra Glendinning of the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). “Our four-legged officers are a very valuable part of our police department and they are well selected, well trained, and, most importantly, well loved by their handlers.  It is fantastic that people get an opportunity to witness something they otherwise may not have known even existed.”

The photo was taken back in early October according to the police department.  It shows Constable Dan Ames of the VPD Canine Unit and police service dog, Niko.

“This photo is of his first high rappel of five stories and he has since mastered the task,” she added.  “It is wonderful that people get to see not only some of the training our police dogs go through, but the bond between handler and dog.  There is a certain amount of trust going on between Cst. Ames and PSD Niko, and we believe that is what people are responding to.”

83 thoughts on “Police Dog Photographed on First Repelling Training

  1. You should see the look on their faces after hanging from a rope while the helo flies them around! Can you say steak dinner in K-9?

  2. Not fancy the way people train dogs for certain situations. But ofc they get used to it. Im more pissed of at the f’cking bulgarians snare the dog by the body and throw them in circels because of some freaking belives of some sort. Makes me sick as hell.

  3. We believe they’re all temperament tested for this sort of work and many of them actively love it. They’re taught to hold on like that. If the dogs show any kind of nervousness or distress with the situations they’re put into they don’t get picked for the job. The police need to be able to count on them and we all know none of us react at our best when we’re stressed – same for the dogs.

  4. When I went through Ground Combat and Survival School,
    I was also terrified. Must be evebnm more terrifying for a dog who does not have the right of refusal. We all get over it though, and come out the better for it!!!

  5. The things we put our dogs through. Blind faith we ask of them, trust us to the end. Then we allow cops to just kill them, we allow people to abuse them in fighting rings, we put them down for biting someone and acting like a dog. Sometimes we push them too much

  6. Wrong, just wrong….that dog is PETRIFIED….i could understand if the dog was in danger and he was attempting to rescue it…but really just cruel!

  7. …I know the comments on other media for this photo – it’s very interesting that people don’t see that the dog is bound to the officer

  8. I was scared to ride my bike without training wheels while my mom was letting go but I was in no real danger and mastered it. The dog will be scared until he understands there’s nothing to be scared of. He’s not being sent up and repelled alone. His handler is reassuring him. The article says he’s mastered it. Sometimes mother dogs push their pups through something scarry so they can learn it’s okay.

  9. “Repelling”, really? You might want to check your spelling. They rhyme, but they don’t look alike. Your grammar is actually “repelling.”

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