Loyal Pit Bull Dies Defending Woman from Domestic Violence

Lucy lunged at her family’s attacker and defended them from harm, but the dog lost her life in the heroic act.

Lucy, a six-year-old Pit bull from Fort Myers, Fla., will always be remembered as a heroic dog. The loyal pet defended Lisa Potts with her own life as Potts’ boyfriend hit and attacked the woman with a knife. Unfortunately, Lucy did not survive the attack.

The dog who belonged to Potts’ son was at home on Dec. 18, 2015, when a violent fight between Potts and her ex-boyfriend, Walter Williams, broke out at home.


Photo credit: Wink News.
Photo credit: Wink News.



Williams started hitting Potts and took out a knife with intentions to cause serious injuries, and when Lucy saw the violence she sprang into action, defended the woman and took the majority of the blows.

“Lucy lunged at [Williams] and once she lunged at him he caught her in the neck,” Potts told Wink News.

Even though Lucy was injured, the dog kept on defending the woman.  With blood trickling down her neck, Lucy bit Williams multiple times. The bites were enough to stop the man, but Lucy was left seriously injured.

In a state of panic and fearing for the dog’s life, Potts ran outside with the bleeding dog.

“Once I got [Lucy] downstairs I just asked someone for a towel and applied [as] much pressure [as] I could to it to try to save her life,” said Potts. “I was calling [Lucy’s] name, comforting her, rubbing her head, making sure she was still alert.”

Unfortunately, she died the following day.

Police arrived and arrested Williams. He is being held on a battery charge.

Lucy might no longer be with us, but her family says they will never forget what she did for them and will always remember her as a hero.

420 thoughts on “Loyal Pit Bull Dies Defending Woman from Domestic Violence

  1. If a man is willing to hurt a woman and a dog… shoot him, he aint worth shit!!!! And he will never change, Who next, a child?? Just shoot him!

  2. This is so heartbreaking, the true character of mans best friend <3 they will protect their humans until the end – RIP angel, you are a hero in my eyes <3

  3. this breaks my heart. I wish they were able to save her. I cried just watching her in her last moments. Im so glad someone was by her side. I hope that scum bucket gets what he deserves!

  4. The video of this showed up on my feed…I couldn’t watch.
    So sad that any of it had to happen. Prayers for the family and this amazing pup =(
    And to the pos that did it, karma can be a real bitch.

  5. I’m so sorry thst this happen. Prayers to the family rest in peace you good hero dog… I’m sorry 🙁 hope tge man goes to hail forever

  6. Did they take her to an emergency vet to see if she could be saved? Shit, if my dog just saved my life id do whatever it took to save her life.

  7. he IS NOT A MAN he’s scum that doesn’t deserve to breath. RiP Lucy you tried to help your family best way you knew how you are a sweet hero.

  8. I hope someone does something about this !!!!!!!!!!!!! A human that does this should pay and a judge needs to make this happen! Sweet sweet baby trying to help his momma !!!! Makes me so sad !!

  9. Please stop posting such heartbreaking stories. I can’t follow you guys anymore. It’s just too sad to see some of your posts. What’s the point of this? There’s nothing we can do to help them, unfortunately. It just makes us really sad!

  10. God I hope this dog didn’t die in vain, I read that he’s her ex boyfriend and ex is what I hope he stays but I’ve seen this too many times.I hope understands that this could have been her, this dog sacrificed herself so she could live another day.

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