Woman Saves Pit Bulls Left Outside in Weekend Blizzard

Tully-Costa said, “71st precinct is now investigating and animal care and control going over tomorrow. Thanks for all your calls.”

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Evelyn Tully-Costa of Brooklyn, New York is a hero today.  After passing by a home in her neighborhood that had two pit bulls trapped in a backyard shack due to the snow, she decided she had enough of the mistreatment of them.  She rallied the neighborhood together, and after many calls to local police and animal control, something is finally being done about the neglect.

Tully-Costa took the original video, and posted it online.  She wanted everyone to see and share the video to raise awareness.  You can clearly hear the dogs crying, and the video shows them huddled together in a tiny shack that barely constitutes shelter from the elements at all.



Old dog left outside in blizzard.

Posted by Evelyn Tully Costa on Saturday, January 23, 2016




The video quickly made its way around the internet, and before long, the Brooklyn Police were left with no choice but to show up and do something.  A follow-up post was made once police were on the scene with the following, “Dogs on President Street have been brought inside after officers from 71st Precinct went over, made the owner shovel snow to trapped dogs to get them INSIDE!”

However, the police showing up and forcing the people to bring their dogs inside is not where this ends.  Another post from Tully-Costa said, “71st precinct is now investigating and animal care and control going over tomorrow.  Thanks for all your calls.”


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Apparently, this abuse has been going on for years, and this isn’t the first time authorities have had to go there and tell them to get the dogs inside.  According to Tully-Costa, this has been going on for about 13 years.  Every time someone calls the police or ASPCA or animal control, the authorities come over, the dogs are brought inside, and as soon as the authorities leave, they toss the dogs right back outside to cry and potentially freeze to death.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) says that some people are ignorant of how much dogs and cats are affected by the cold.  Just because they have fur, some people expect these animals to be able to survive harsh, frigid climates with no problem.  However, the HSUS wants everyone to know that this is not the case.


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The HSUS wrote, “Our most constant companions — dogs and cats — feel the effects of winter weather as much as we do.  Only they are often cast outside to weather the cold or a storm, owing to a misconception that the fur on their backs will insulate them from suffering.  Without proper shelter, food and water, these domesticated animals’ chances of survival in frigid temperatures is greatly decreased.”

The HSUS has a really great information page on their website that tell you all about what you can do to help if you see a dog that has been left out in the cold.  It contains info on how you can help, but as always, the best thing is if you see something, say something.  It’s all too often that stories like this one end in tragedy, and there is almost always someone that knew something wasn’t right, but decided to mind their own business.  If you’d like more information on how you can help out in these situations, click here.

163 thoughts on “Woman Saves Pit Bulls Left Outside in Weekend Blizzard

    1. They are right back where they’ve always been. Unfortunately this is not against the law…so write/email your state reps. In Anne Arundel County in MD where I live this would not be illegal. Sadly when it comes to getting people to voice these concerns to county councils and state legilators few will step up.

    1. I, too hope they were permanently removed from the home. They should be charged with animal cruelty if it’s been going on that long and should be barred from ever having pets.
      It’s sickening things like this go on.

  1. Read that these dogs were put back outside after NYPD and Animal control leave. It happens all the time to them. They should be removed.

  2. Thank you Evelyn Tully-Costa for speaking up for these poor mistreated dogs – hopefully the owners will be dealt with by the proper authorities to make sure treatment like this never happens again, and that these dogs are placed in a loving home.

    1. They are right back where they’ve always been. Unfortunately this is not against the law…so write/email your state reps. In Anne Arundel County in MD where I live this would not be illegal. Sadly when it comes to getting people to voice these concerns to county councils and state legilators few will step up.b

  3. Hopefully now they will be removed, these people should be prosecuted. I hope the two dogs will find a loving home where they will be loved for all of their lives.

  4. Thank you Evelyn , Maybe we should have put the owners out there and put the dogs in the house .. Can,t not tolerate the Cruelty of Animals we must all speak up… thank Evelyn….

  5. This has been going on for how long? A hefty fine that keeps getting larger or better yet, just take the dogs away! Problem solved. Why must these animals suffer because no one is protecting them?

  6. As far as we know, the dogs were NOT immediately removed from the property. Animal control and the police are supposed to be going back there today to do a complete investigation. Everything you see is the information we had at the time of posting the article. Be sure to share, share, share! The more the word gets out, the better. This type of abuse and neglect should not be stood for, and the louder we are about it, the more notice will be taken!

  7. Our anger is displaced here. We need to be angry at the agency that is not doing their job in this situation and removing the dogs.

  8. WTF?? Your headline said woman SAVES these pitbulls. When I watched this video it. I heard the pitbull crying. Talk about MISLEADING.

  9. The owner(s) should be charged with a felony animal cruelty. I have no use for worthless POS’s that abuse animals. I wish there was another planet we could send them to…. I’d like to sit their asses out in that cold….

  10. I had and would do the same thing anytime I see a dog in distress or in a dangerous situation…….I saved 13 dogs off the streets and 7 of them were pitbulls, although I never had one, but I LOVE THE BREED!!!! My hubby and I rescue shelter dogs, mixed breeds, because they need homes, too!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good for you. A lot of these people are not animal people. They think for a minute, until they have to really take care of them. The owners want to do other things, than the animals get ignored like they aren’t there. They are just animals, they have no pain, no hunger, or thirst. No need for shelter from the weather. No emotional feeling of any kind. They never need companionship of any kind. Never need their shots or medical help. If they get attached to a human, feeling apart of a home. Warm safe & cosey just tear them away, thow them in a shelter quickly in on a concrete floor, and run away fast, because the animal wouldn’t be smart enough to know when his/ or her family is dumping them. They are looking around & everyone is gone, No love nothing. One minute, they are feeling loved & warm, the families everything the next minute they aren’t anything to no one. Same for the dump along the side of the road animals. They need extremely strong laws concerning abuse, & abandonment, even at a shelter. Any animals.

  11. I have shared this to the point where it should be worldwide news by noon. Ha ha. Hideous agency overseeing this!! Do not be afraid to send this to the governor, mayor, any politician you can think of! I know they are dealing with this snow storm but this is just as important! Thank you.

  12. Thank God for a caring person who stepped in to get protection for these dogs. They need to be removed from their owner immediately and then go to a new forever home where they will be loved and card for.

  13. I hope they take these dogs away from this disgusting woman… They are both seniors.. They deserve to live their life out in a warm, safe house.

  14. Just watched the video clip, these 2 old dogs, cried the entire time they were out there….the owners even had to clear a path for the aco to go back and check on them..the problem is, these pos owners would put the dogs back out there when they left, according to the neighbors…. And the other problem was that…this city has an extremely high kill rate, they don’t even give the animals 2 days then they are pts and space isn’t even the reason they said….so unless someone is willing to take these 2 old dogs (13 is the possible age) then what is their best options??

  15. These people should be arrested! This is criminal. They deserve to suffer (the people). Fucking dispicable excuse for human beings. Their dogs were crying it was so cold. And what’s worse? This has been going on for 13 years. Why haven’t the dogs been removed or surrendered? I’m am absolutely disgusted!


  17. Since this story was reported on the news I have posted video, hoping that something more can be done. My faith with the police or Animal Control is gone, since this is apparently going on for 13 YEARS!!!!!!!!! The dogs should be removed and allowed to live whatever little life left in a caring and loving place!!!!!!! Put the owners to live outside in a Blizzard, Heat Wave, Hurricane ETC. IGNORANT PEOPLE…… should not own pets…PERIOD…and I am sick and tired of giving EVIL PEOPLE and excuse to label them IGNORANT!!!!!!

  18. If charged with neglect remove anima!s and ban for life for ever keeping any animal why keep on letting them get away with just a warning. If there is no consequences for their actions why would they change there ways. No human has the right to Inflict pain and suffering on any living animal in their care!!! MAKE LAWS TO STOP THIS give authorises the power to ACT

  19. The police could do more than they do about all of this. A crime is a crime. If I was a cop I’d see to it personally that these cold heart’d, cruel people never have another pet.

  20. Stories like this are precisely why I do not support the ASPCA or police departments with donations. These people are repeat offenders yet they’re still permitted to have animals. If you abuse an animal then you should be abused in return.If you fight animals to death then you should be placed in a cage and made to fight another animal fighter to death, if you survive then you keep fighting until you die just like the animals you fight.

    1. I work for the NJ SPCA, I encounter this on a daily basis. Part of the problem besides the owners is the legal system who still do not take the offenses seriously and think of the victims as merely animals. The perpetrators should be viewed as animals. There are laws in place to try and not only prevent the abuse but punish those who are guilty the ability to enforce and get the individuals to court can be difficult. When someone does not show up for court a warrant is issued but there is no task force to go and execute the warrant so it just sits. Additionally with shelters being over crowded without sufficient funding to become a no kill shelter sometimes you end up in a situation where you take furry ones from a bad situation and put them in a worse situation because you know they will most likely be euthanized. Its a horrible feeling and haunts me on many evenings but I will not stop trying to help. If you want to make donations to an organization who is volunteer and non profit, look at our web page, NJSPCA. I feel as many of you do, put the owner in the same position as what they did to the furry one. Reality and the legal system wont allow me to do that. The low lifes seem to get more protection then the victims. I, as law enforcement have to stay within strict guidelines even in the ugliest circumstance. The furry ones need everyones help and so do those who are out there trying to enforce and change the laws. If any of us stop trying it would be a serious injustice to those we love and love us unconditionally. We can not let the trash break our spirit or dedication. Its a never ending battle. Thanks to all of you who try to help all of us.

  21. Really???What has to happen death- before the dogs are taken from these bastards! They should be conficated and the owners fined $500 per dog, at the minimum!

  22. If animal care and control take them away, they will be killed, so either way its bad. Unless a rescue group or caring people step up to take the dog.

    Pit bulls are the first to be euthanized at the ACC. 95% of the dogs there are pit bulls, its very tragic.

  23. Neighbors…. Just go over there and get the dogs. Dare those MFr’s to try anything. Might want to have someone video it, so you have proof. My sister used to keep two dogs chained up. I got sick of it and sent over there with a knife, cut the collars and told them to run. Their survival chances were better. My sister nor her son tried to do anything. Yea…I had a knife. Best not try. Animal control got them. Thank God.

  24. Evelyn, please keep watching these dogs to make sure the authories do the right thing; The dogs clearly need to be removed from these horrible people and not allow them to own any animals going forward. This is just dispicable!!! They need to be thrown outside in the freezing temperatures and left there to rot in hell…………………….

  25. I’m glad people are stepping in to help these dogs but the authorities need to do a lot more than just sitting around waiting for the dogs to freeze to death. These dogs are so obviously being mistreated so what the hell is the problem? It’s so frustrating having to read that these dogs are STILL outside. If I were closer I would go get the dogs and they would be in my nice warm home.

  26. I think the dogs should be taken from the people and put up for adoption by loving people who will keep them inside. We should make the owners stay outside for an hour and see how they like the cold. Idiots!

  27. They should put the people outside in the snow an cold for 10 hours an see if they change there mind on how to treat there animals

  28. They should put the people outside in the snow an cold for 10 hours an see if they change there mind on how to treat there animals .

  29. I just read another article that they were brought in and then put right back out. It would be nice to know what the accurate update is.

  30. Does anyone know where we can find the original petition – this is abuse – no other definition works as well – Why do they still have the dogs?

  31. Thank God for people like you-As for the owners……they should be tied to a tree with no food , water or shelter for a least a year

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