Rocky Gets His Mobility Back Thanks to HydroPaws

See Rocky go from paralysis to full mobility thanks to the help of HydroPaws.

Thanks to HydroPaws Animal Rehabilitation for sharing the video!

Rocky lost his mobility after being hit by a car.  Thanks to HydroPaws Animal Rehabilitation, he has mobility again!  We would never have believed it, if we had’t see it ourselves!  Make sure to watch the whole video.  It truly is amazing, and check out HydroPaws Animal Rehabilitation’s Facebook page for more information.


Rocky 3 Returns!Be inspired! Watch Rocky 3 go from paralysis to full function with the help of a physical therapist certified in canine rehab! Please share this video to inspire others and show that anything is possible with dedication and the hard work of highly skilled professionals!Join the movement to allow access to properly trained canine physical therapists in California: The California Veterinary Medical Board wants to limit/restrict your access to qualified non-vet rehab therapists and this video is proof of why we disagree!#caninerehab #animalrehab #hydropaws #cpta #caapt #spinalcordinjury #inspirational #goldenretriever #ptsimprovethewayyoumove

Posted by HydroPaws AnimalRehabilitation on Thursday, February 4, 2016

21 thoughts on “Rocky Gets His Mobility Back Thanks to HydroPaws

  1. I am sure such rehab cost a lot.. that is one good thing in America .. clinics do everything to make an injured dog rehabilitate.. i am currently taking care of my dog who was also hit by car..she still in pain at the moment so sad i don’t have the finances to give her medical treatment.. one consolation though is she is willing to survive and shows the will for it..and she is eating now … soup only

  2. So uplifting ! I realize we can’t all afford this level of rehab,but with perseverance and with some guidance from a rehabilitation specialist, it appears we could have a similar outcome. I would rather expend the time and work to try to achieve similar outcome. I would rather try than let my dog die in pain and paralysis with euthanasia the only alternative!

  3. The video about Rocky 3 was awesome. God bless everyone involved in giving Rocky his life back.

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