England Crowns Naughtiest Dog

This naughty dog has cost his owner more than $1,400 in damages. He truly is a naughty dog.

How much has your dog cost you? No, we don’t mean adoption fees, vaccinations, microchip, toys, bedding, clothing and food. We mean in damages. Our friends from across the pond just held a competition for naughtiest dog and Rolo, a three-year-old miniature dachshund won the crown. He has cost his owner more than $1,400 in damages.


The competition was organized by Terry’s Fabrics, an interior design company, and the grand prize was over $200. Sure, that is nothing compared to the cost the winning dog’s destruction path has caused his owner, but at least the winner takes home bragging rights of being named England’s naughtiest dog.

Kelly Mobbs, the pet’s owner, says her little destroyer has chewed his way through cushions, wooden doors, pillows, bin bags, hair straighteners, kitchen chairs, wires and a weight bench. Most of his destruction happens when the dog is left alone, and even though repairing all the damage has made a dent on Mobbs’s pocket, she can’t stay mad at her cute little dog for too long.


“He has always been so mischievous,” Mobbs told The Daily Mail. “Rolo is just a cheeky type of dog. I do tell him off but it doesn’t make a difference. He just gives you a look and it makes you melt because he looks so cute.”

The woman says she has tried to discipline him but nothing she has done seems to work. Over time she has just accepted that her dog’s mischievous behavior is part of his breed. She calls it “little dog syndrome.”


The prize money is not going towards any home repairs, it will be used to spoil little Rolo by purchasing him toys. They’ll probably keep him busy for a while, but once he is left home alone, we’re sure he’ll find something valuable to chew and destroy.

Congratulations Rolo! You truly are a naughty little dog.

76 thoughts on “England Crowns Naughtiest Dog

  1. Why is he so destructive? Maybe he needs more attention. Walking, playing with the dog,both activities good to tire puppy out. A good dog is a tired one, from doing something. ☺☺

  2. he is just like a kid if you don’t give him the love and attention that he wants he will find ways to make you pay lol

  3. Queen of bad ownership would be more appropriate… this dog gets a cute little award, and a pass, because people think it’s harmless. If it was a pit bull they’d slaughter it… wake up folks, DOGS aren’t to blame bad owners are. 🙁

  4. I rescued a boxer/bloodhound..When I got him he was 6-7 mos old..He has eaten everything in my house..He has eaten socks, underwear, eyeglasses, remote control, rugs, carpet & my sectional sofa.Bedding, pillows, comforters, you name it he ate it..He has tons of toys, yes he ate those too including kong..I have not had furniture in my living room for about 2 yrs or so..I have a bed to sleep on..He has finally stopped destroying everything, so now I am going to buy furniture! But he still likes to eat toilet paper! My friends all wanted me to get rid of him, but he is my dog & no matter what I could never get rid of him..He is 4 yrs old now..Here is my baby Bebe..

  5. Honest answer? Over 200,000…..

    Our dogs were breed discriminated by our home owners association and told us we had 30 days to “get rid of them”. Well they’re family, getting rid of them is not an option. After spending thousands to fight it we won, but no longer wanted to live there. We had to buy a new house (hence the 200k figure). On top of that our male is very unhealthy and has cost thousands in vet bills over the past 2 years. We’re poor as hell but we’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

  6. Bad fur baby here but still cute of course, blame the naughtiness to the owner for not training, loving, giving proper attention and not this cute little fur baby.

  7. My oldest Standard had bad separation anxiety for the first two years. He literally ate and swallowed almost a whole leather sectional, a dozen or more leather shoes, belts leather coats, and for some reason remote controls. All that is in the past, but the silly part was he wouldn’t be caught dead chewing anything while you were home. He was too embarrassed to misbehave in front of you.

  8. My friends dog ate their sleep number bed…tore it up. Mauled it. Shredded the pillows and crunched thru the remote control…that bed cost them 4700…they win lol

  9. He is adorable! My dogs have done waaaay more damage than that. When they were pups they ate the walls, gnawed the cabinets and pulled up the flooring in the kitchen. They were puppies and don’t do stuff like that any more but our cats are little hellions! 😀

  10. My dog notoriously found her way into my bedroom and made “nests” out of my matress. Not separation, and she was run at least a couple hours a day. But I had to replace my mattress 3 times because she was a passionate nest builder. I had a crate for her but she got out one and the other times she snuck into my room while I was making dinner… How can u be mad tho?

  11. Wish we could’ve entered our dog! She’s caused over a £1000 worth of damage by ripping up carpets, digging through settees etc. Nice to know us naughty dog owners aren’t alone ?

  12. We got our rescue dog Kai when he was five months old,in the first year he dug through two leather sofas,ate the bottom two stair treads, destroyed the garden,ripped up lino,ate my car immobiliser etc etc,five years later he is still the love of my life

  13. Someone doesn’t know how to train a dog. Someone doesn’t give him enough exercise. 2-4hr a day for the little ones . If ya can’t do it don’t buy them

  14. Possible the highest unclaimed lottery win, lucky dip ticket got c
    chewed up before the draw and I threw it away, did not look at numbers and forgot where I bought it 🙁 bless Jess Jess!!!!

  15. 3 individual dogs several thousands mostly expensive shoes sunglasses furniture the usua; big chrwing bones cured the proplem and spencing more time with them

  16. Ya probably because he was never taught not to do it..just left do what he wants.. for to long..and the longer it is the harder it is to get them to stop..teach them as soon as you get them..

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