Man Pens Heartbreakingly Beautiful Tribute from His Dying Dog’s Point of View

“My person petted me, saying, ‘I gotcha covered, buddy. I gotcha.’ I love the way that makes me feel. I know he does. He makes everything better.”

3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV2



Almost every pet owner knows all too well the overwhelmingly crushing grief that follows the death of their animal.  To deal with the loss of his beloved Benny, musician John Pointer wrote an exquisite tribute – but he wrote it from Benny’s perspective.  Be warned:  you will bawl your eyes out, but it will absolutely be worth it.


From John Pointer’s website:

Benny was my best friend for 9 years. He was born on January 29th, 2007. I met him when he was 5 days old. He came home with me when he was 8 weeks old. We went through everything together – relationships came and went, we nearly lost the house to foreclosure, my father passed away, and he never lost his basic, boundless happiness. On January 28th, 2016, when his kidneys finally failed him, I had to give him the ultimate help, to deliver him from his bodily struggles. It crushed me. I wrote this story to process my grief. The next day, it had already been shared over 10,000 times. It reached 100,000 shares by the 5th day. In the first two weeks, it had been read by around 20 million people. I am so glad that it resonates, and I hope it helps people cope with their own grief. That was Benny’s true purpose, to share his love, and make people feel connected, and worthy of enthusiastic support, even if they didn’t believe it themselves. And in that way, as long as his story keeps touching people, he will never truly die. I am so thankful for that, grateful for the time we had here together, and I really appreciate your visit, too. Benny, I love you so much. And I miss you equally.



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV7



Yesterday was weird…


Yesterday was weird. I couldn’t get myself out of bed. The guy I live with lifted me up. I tried to get my legs under me, but they wouldn’t cooperate. He said, “Don’t worry, I gotcha buddy,” carried me downstairs, and out the front door. That was so nice of him. I needed to pee so badly, I just had to go right there where he put me down. Normally I wouldn’t, but we both decided to make an exception to the rule.

I started walking down the parking lot toward that place where all the dogs like me go to poop. I felt my paws dragging on the ground. “How strange,” I thought. Then suddenly, I just had to go, really badly. In the middle of the parking lot. Normally, I wouldn’t do that. It’s against the rules.

My person cleaned up the mess. He’s good at that. I felt embarrassed, looked at him, and he said, “Want to keep walking, buddy?” I did, but it was surprisingly tough. By the time we reached the end of the parking lot, my head was spinning. I tried to climb the little hill, and nearly fell over. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

He reached down again, and ran his hands over me. That felt good. He picked me up, and carried me home. I was still confused, and my head was light, but I was glad not to have to walk all the way back. It suddenly seemed like an impossible distance.



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV4



I was so glad to lay down on my bed. My person petted me, saying, “I gotcha covered, buddy. I gotcha.” I love the way that makes me feel. I know he does. He makes everything better.

He felt my paws, and pulled up my lip. He said, “Oh buddy, are you cold?” I was. My face was cold, my paws were cold. He texted a few people, and came back to pet me.

A few minutes later, another person arrived. He’s one of my favorites, and his name is Jay. He petted me, and said to my person, “Do you want to get a blanket?” They put a blanket over me, and wow… that felt good. I relaxed, and they both petted me, but they both started to choke back tears.

I never want them to cry, it breaks my heart. It’s my job to make them feel better, and I was just a little tired, and cold. I drifted in and out of sleep, and they were always there, making sure I was okay, and chatting with each other.



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV10



Throughout the day, my person made some phone calls, and spent a lot of time with me. I heard him say, “9 am tomorrow… ok… yes… I’ll tell you if anything changes. Thank you Dr. MacDonald.” He called someone else, and said, “I’m sorry, I have to cancel tonight.” Then as I was drifting off to sleep, I think I heard him cry a little again.

In the evening, more of my favorite people came by. They were all so loving. I licked their tears away when they would get close enough to my face. They whispered sweet things in my ear, and told me I was a good boy.

Later in the evening, I felt well enough to stand up and walk to the door to see who was coming in. It was more exhausting than I’d remembered it being, but I loved seeing them all. I heard my person say something like, “That’s the first time he’s gotten up under his own power today.” Everyone seemed glad that I was out of bed. I was too, but wow… after the excitement wore off, it was so exhausting to move around.

After the last visitor left, my person took me outside to do what he called, “my business.” We went back inside and when we reached the bottom of the stairs, they looked twice as steep and ten times as long as I remembered them being. I looked at my person, and he looked at me. He said, “Don’t worry, I gotcha buddy,” and carried me up.



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV11



Then it got even better! Instead of sleeping in my bed, he called me up to sleep on *his* bed. Let me repeat: *I got to sleep in the bed with my person!* We normally have our own beds, but last night we snuggled, and it felt so good to be that close to him. I thought, “This is where I belong. I will never leave his side.” I didn’t feel very well though, and it was hard to breathe sometimes.

It seems like it started a few months ago. We were playing fetch and I just blacked out. I don’t know what happened, but I think I stopped breathing. I could hear my person calling my name. I couldn’t move a muscle. He lifted my head, and looked into my eyes. I could see him right there, but couldn’t lick his face. He said, “Benny, are you in there?” I couldn’t respond. He looked at me, and said, “Don’t worry buddy, I gotcha. I gotcha covered.” I started to spin into darkness, but then my lungs took in a deep breath, and I could see again.

We went to see some doctors, and since then I’ve heard a lot of words like, “cardiomyopathy,” “cancer,” and, “kidney failure.” All i know is that sometimes I feel okay, and sometimes… you know… I just don’t. My person gives me pills.




3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV6



This morning, I heard my person get up and take a shower. He came back in the room, and smelled so nice. He helped me get up, but this time, I could do it on my own. We got to the top of the stairs, and wow… they looked long and steep again. He said, “I gotcha buddy,” and carried me down. I did my business, and we came back inside. He opened a can, a really, really delicious can of wet dog food. Oh man… I love that stuff!

Jay showed up again. What a nice surprise! He and my person seemed concerned, but everyone was petting me. It seemed a little like a play, where all the actors were sad, but pretending to be happy. Pretty soon after that, another person showed up. She was wearing doctor pants, and I leaned on her.

I heard them talk. Everyone looked at my gums, and felt my paws. I heard the doctor pants lady say, “It’s your decision, but he’s definitely in that window. I don’t want to push you, but looking at his lack of color, I am honestly shocked he’s even standing up. In addition to the paws and jowls, look here…” she pointed at my face, “This should be pink. It’s almost white, and verging toward yellow.”


3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV13



My person and Jay went inside to talk about something. When they came back out, I heard my person say, “I agree. I don’t want to wait till he’s in absolute agony.” So we went inside. Truth be told, I was feeling pretty badly, even though I was up and walking. It seemed like my whole head was cold, my paws were freezing, and my back legs weren’t working right.

The doctor pants lady said, “I’ll just put this into his muscle. It’s a sedative. Then I’ll come back over here, and you can just love on him till he’s asleep.” My person kissed my face, and looked in my eyes. He was trying not to cry. Doctor pants lady gave me a shot of something in the leg. I just looked at my person. He is so awesome. I will always be right by his side.

He and Jay petted me, and said the nicest things – what a good dog I am, what a good job I’ve done, how thankful they are to have me in their lives. After a while, my mind started buzzing. FOCUS! I looked back at my person. I love him so much.

I drifted again. FOCUS! I can see my person. I love him so much. I will always be right by his side. He knows that. Am I sleepy? FOCUS! I’ll always look at him with my whole heart…



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV5



Doctor pants lady said, “He must have an incredible will to stay with you. He is really powering through. That’s impressive.” My person choked back tears and said, “I know. This guy lives for me. He is the most devoted soul I’ve ever met…” We put our heads together, and closed our eyes. I felt good. I can’t really describe it. We looked at each other again. I just felt like riding that buzz, but maybe lying down was better. My person helped me down. Man, that felt gooooooood.

I felt him and Jay petting me, and heard them talking to me. They love me so much. How lucky am I? Then I felt thousands of hands petting me. Everyone I’d ever known and loved was there, petting me, scratching my ears, and that spot under my collar that makes my leg move. Everyone should try this. It’s just amazing!

Then I felt the doctor pants lady touch my leg. Did I tell you that my person had to have both of my knees repaired? They’re titanium, and have served me well, but you know… I’ve been feeling a little creaky lately.

With everyone petting me, the doctor pants lady put another needle in my leg, but this time, as the fluid went in, my legs were healed! My knees were perfect! And as I felt it move through my body, my cancer disappeared! And then my kidneys felt better! And finally, even my heart was whole, and healthy! I felt like I had sprung away from all of my sickness. Amazing!



3.13.16 - Man Pens Tribute from His Dog’s POV3



I saw my person, and Jay, and the lady who lives at our house, Shelly. They seemed to be huddling over something. I walked over to look. It seemed like… I don’t know. It kind of looked like me, but the way I looked when I was feeling really sick, or exhausted. The face was blurred out, so I couldn’t really tell, but that poor guy looked like he had been suffering.

I could tell my person was both relieved and very, very sad. I love him so much. I looked at that me-shaped shell, and I looked at him… I think he was sad about that shell. I jumped around the room, like a clown, but it seemed like they wanted to be somber, and focus on whatever that thing was they were petting and kissing.

But my person was definitely sad. I leaned on him, like I’ve done a million times before, but it wasn’t quite the same. It felt like his body was a cloud and I passed right through him. So I walked up next to him, sat like a good boy, and my heart whispered to his, “Don’t worry, buddy. I gotcha covered.”

I will never leave his side. He knows that.



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216 thoughts on “Man Pens Heartbreakingly Beautiful Tribute from His Dying Dog’s Point of View

    1. Not counting dogs I had as a kid, I’ve parted with 4 during my grown up years. It never gets easier, you miss them forever, but your heart will always win out and have you make room for one more. Or 2 at a time. In my 60’s now and live in senior housing on an upper floor. Would be hard to have a dog so now I have opened up my heart to a cat. Lots of love in them fur balls!

  1. why in god’s name did I watch this right before bed?!?! I flat-out lost it and now I’m all puffy-eyed. that precious Boxer face makes me miss my Boxer , Lacey, that I had to send to heavenback in March 2015 even more

    1. This was so beautiful to read but very sad. I can not stop crying. I have a Golden Retriever mix named Sadie. She is now 14 years old. We found her as a puppy and she has been a great dog. She is hard of hearing but sometimes I think it is selective hearing. She drinks a lot of water and does have accidents. Sue will steal food off the counter but she is loving and so sweet. She always seems happy. I am sure she will not be around next year and it makes me sad to see this. I can be gone for 30 min. or 3 weeks and she is always happy to see me. I found a stffed animal that sings Make me want to Shout. The dog looks like my Sadie and her ears go up like Sadie. I told her she will always be with me even when she passes. Our furry friends are always there for us when we need them. They always make us happy no matter what.
      Judi Friedman Baker

  2. Crying…and this is why we have dogs. To make our hearts love again and again, even if we know it will hurt sometimes. It is worth it.

  3. I had to put my dog down December 11th, 2015 & I was a hot mess over that ordeal…it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but I know she’s not suffering anymore.

  4. I read this a few days ago and I balled like a baby. It hit very close to home since I had to have my dog put down in September. I miss my girl so much, I still cry when I think about her. ?????

  5. I lost my boy on the first. Woke up to him thinking it was a nightmare. I held him as he went and I haven’t slept since. My poor sweet boy.

  6. Very touching. We’ve had to pass through this valley and will again. We believe they will all be in heaven waiting for us. * Revelation 5:13 *

  7. I couldn’t do this… I could just never get through this… It’s a decision I could never make with any of my dogs… It was a relief they both passed with old age in their warm beds, peacefully at sleep. God I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. ?

  8. I am crying. Last week on Friday March 4, 2016 I had to make the heart wrenching decision to assist my beautiful 12 year old Bella over that rainbow bridge. Just four days before she seemed fine and then suddenly things went down hill so quickly. She peed in the house right in front of me which she never ever did. By Thursday she couldn’t stand or walk. I had called the vet the day before to get an appointment and he said the same things to me. To be sure they did X-rays and found a tumor on her spleen that was bleeding into her stomach. I brought her home that night and stayed up all night giving her diluted chicken broth every few hours. By Friday morning she was better and able to walk so we had an ultrasound done to confirm the findings. Surgery was suggested and I took her to a veterinary surgeon and oncologist. The result was that she would not make it through surgery, and if she did, would not survive for more than six weeks. I had to make the decision then and took her home before taking her to my vet who had cared for her since she was six weeks old. I just sat on the floor with her and held her in my arms cuddling and petting her and talking to her. Then it was time to go. I felt like my heart was ripped out of me. I miss her every day.

  9. Hi everybody, Life With Dogs…My IQ score of 118, and u?…
    dE5tDHv (y) start now. ~~>

    Thanks for view: Almost every pet owner knows all too well the overwhelmingly crushing grief that follows the death of their animal. To deal with the loss of his belo…

  10. Reading this just about killed me what made this so hard was my dog SeaAira was to a white boxer and when she came to me she had just been shot I had her 8 more yrs and she was my everything. Seeing ur dog brought a flood of memories back that I thought I had dealt with since she passed away 3 months before ur baby was born but seeing him I found I had not dealt the way I thought I had. But I was also flooded with memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. They are not dogs they are part human at times. I am sorry for your loss and so happy he shared his life with u.

  11. Oh no here comes the tears streaming down my face. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. R.I.P. Sweet baby <3

  12. Left: Taz-we got him at only 8 weeks old and he passed last year at the age of 15 due to heart failure. He was such a big part of our family and I stayed with him as we took him to the vet to help him go to a better place. I miss you Taz!

    Right: Joey-he had to be put down at only 3 years old because of genetic defects. He came from a puppy mill and was my first rescue! He was precious beyond words. I will never forget that day I took him in to the vet after trying for weeks to treat him numerous conditions…I sat with him in the room and didn’t want to ever let him go! He was my first baby! You, Joey, were precious beyond anything!

    I miss them both so much! I’m blessed that I could stay with them for their last moments but also saddened they are gone. Animals are such a gift and they touch the heart like nothing else can. My thoughts and prayers for comfort to all those who have lost pets, whether they were lost years ago or recently, the pain never really goes away. There is comfort, however, to know they no longer suffer!

  13. This is my sweet Luna girl, I had to say goodbye this past November:( it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! Saying tell we meet again was so hard to tell her:( I cry still for her she was my best friend 🙁

  14. Wow! Owning a senior dog whose hind legs are going makes it that much more appreciable…too sad to think about, but then again, it shouldn’t be about us, now should it?!

  15. Balling my head off. This is my Buddy (Buddyolla the travelling zoo). I found buddy as a stray in Newport Beach, Ca. At the time the vet told me he was about 8 months old. I went back eight months and gave him the birthday of February 14th, 2003. He was my best friend. In Oct. 2014 I found out he had bone cancer in his wrist on his left paw. On Jan. 13th 2016 I called the vet to do what was best for Bear. The appointment was for the next day at 3:30pm. Buddy passed away in my arms at 2:00pm on Jan. 14th 2016. He knew that I knew, and I knew that he knew. Zoom Zoom did it his way. My Boomerang Lemon merenge would have been 13 years old on Feb. 14th 2016. He lived one month shy. My life is not the same. I know the suffering is over Baby Boy. Rest In Peace Buddy. I love and miss you to the moon.
    Sorry I wrote so long. Your story hit my core and Buddy was telling his view of me.

  16. Already know the text, again crying just by reading the topic. Loosing a dog is definitely one of the worst experiences in life. But all the years before make it worth it.

  17. so beautifully written, sobbing my heart out. He was so loved, just like my Harry cat was. It hurts so much when we have to say goodbye, but they will always, always be in our hearts x

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