Man Proudly Displays New Fence for Dog

Like anyone DIDN’T see this coming, right?

This guy worked so hard on his new fence for his yard.  Keeps his family safe, and the dog too.  Provided the dog doesn’t have the ability to gazelle-leap over it that is…



30 thoughts on “Man Proudly Displays New Fence for Dog

  1. Gonna need a higher fence. reminds me of my neighbor about 53 years ago who was cementing in the posts for his new fence. I was only a teenager so I chose my words carefully when I asked him, “Once the posts set how are you getting your car out of the yard”. Gave me a funny look and started taking a pole out of the concrete.

  2. I trained my 4 doggies not to leave the garden even if the gate is open. My front wall is low enough for them to jump over but they don’t.
    I installed a sprinkler system along the wall and drive and if they get too close the sprinklers system switches on when they move away it stops. I used and ordinary door sensor as a trigger.

  3. Trained my pup at an early age to never leave the yard. He’d sit for days next to an open gate. If I let him out front where he is not to go because there is no fence he skulcks around and goes to the back gate. He has a good memory and trains easily, although 9 yo we still train everyday

  4. Yeah, looks like he knew this. Besides, who puts up a 5-foot fence for a large dog? Anyone knows it needs to be a 6-8 footer. Set-ups aren’t that funny, sorry.

  5. I had a long-legged dog, a malamute mix, that climbed 12-foot chain link fence!!!! Could only get him back by taking out his best bud, a husky mix, in the car. He hopped in to go for a ride — around the block and back home!!

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