Pit Bull Shows the World how “Vicious” They can Be

Adorable pit bull steals the show when on Ellen’s television show.

This pit bull totally stole the show when on Ellen looking for a new home.  Total proof of just how “dangerous” pit bulls can be.

(NOTE: Pit bulls are ONLY dangerous when a stupid human MAKES them that way.  Otherwise, the only dangers they present are too many kisses, lots of love and affection, and tons of high energy play.  If that doesn’t suit you, perhaps another dog would better suit you!!!)



54 thoughts on “Pit Bull Shows the World how “Vicious” They can Be

  1. My pit bull was raised a lap dog but the world was to big for him. He wanted to bite every body at a young age:(_ _ _ . I don’t know if it was bad breeding but he was raised like if he was a toy poodle.

  2. Beto is referring to the neutering calms dominant dogs down. I am not going to start a war of words, but in some instances, he is correct. Dogs naturally have a dominant hierarchy. Some dogs are going to be aggressive due to tempermant, not breed. I can attest to my dog pack is female dominant, not male. Our males were not dominant and the females ran the show, still do.

  3. Come on Ellen, that’s it? You do more for other people. You couldn’t find any company willing to donate big money to help them out?

  4. My name is George and I am a representative of Hurry Home Active Rescue Sanctuary. Our focus is helping to rehabilitate dogs who would otherwise be considered unadoptable by treating their medical ailments, improving their health with good nutrition, and training the dogs in a pack environment to get them prepared to join find their forever home.
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    Hurry Home Active Rescue Sanctuary is a non-profit pet rescue organization. Our organization runs on generous donations, both in-kind and monetary from donors like you.
    This year, we are seeking to improve our sanctuary and increase our capability to take in more dogs. In order to do this we need funding for fencing , building supplies, and operating costs. In addition, we are seeking in-kind donations for food and supplies that will help us take care of our rescues such as flea treatments, cleaning supplies, and bedding. Your donation at any amount will make a big difference.
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  5. Love Tia, &my friends have a non profit here too on long Island. Love everything they do for the bully breed. They are ALL big mushes. Really. Some need extra tlc, some training, etc. But over all they are pawsome#!

  6. My neighbor’s jack russell was mauled to death about 10 days ago by a pit bull. Funny, you don’t hear about people being mauled by poodles or collies.

  7. Sweet Pit, As with all dogs, they are born pure & innocent. It is only with brutal cruelty of humans that any dog may try to survive as instincts dictate. Shame on people that mistreat any animal!!!

  8. Sorry, you won’t ever convince me. I used to believe it was just bad owners, like the article wants you to believe, but then I personally experienced multiple attacks by pitbulls. The first was by a pitbull about one year old. I was walking my two flat-coated retrievers on the leash in my neighborhood and a pitbull came around the corner and went straight for one of my dogs. He didn’t bark, he didn’t give any warning, he just bit into the side of my dogs’ face and wouldn’t let go. I had to kick him multiple times until he fell down and released my dog. Then he lunged at him again and clamped his jaws down on the same spot a second time. The entire time, my dog didn’t even try to fight. I kicked the pitbull until his owner ran over and pulled him away.

    The second attack was from a 3-month old pitbull at the dog park. She was playing with an adult dog. I turned away and suddenly heard horrible screaming and yelling. When I turned around to see what was happening, I saw the pitbull puppy holding the adult dog on the ground with its jaws clamped around the other dogs’ neck. The 3-month old pitbull went for a kill bite. The puppy was too young to have been trained poorly or to have been abused. Plus, knowing the owner was a friendly female, I knew that this wasn’t a situation of a bad owner training their pitbull poorly.

    After these two incidents, I met a man online who had an even worse experience with his family pitbull. He said he left his daughter in the backyard playing with the family dog who was a pitbull. He heard his daughter scream and he ran outside. The pitbull had attacked his young daughter and ripped off half of her face. He said he then went to his bedroom and grabbed his gun. When he walked outside, the dog came up to him wagging its’ tail like nothing bad had even happened and then he pulled out his gun and shot it in the head.

    You can’t trust pitbulls. You may get a good one or you may not, but unfortunately you likely won’t know until it’s too late.

  9. I wish people would stop saying it’s how they’re raised. If that were the case, none if Michael Vicks dogs would have been able to be successfully rehabilitated. It’s how dogs are managed. The continuous training and socialization is what keeps good dogs (any breed)good and the lack can turn good dogs bad

  10. It is pitbulls and parolees, not pitbulls and princesses… Too many stories of perfectly loving pits that turn on the owner and rip its face off. I will never have one.

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