Seven-Week-Old Puppy on the Absolute Brink of Death Is Rescued

“The doctor says his chances are slim… very slim. Her exact words were ‘he needs a miracle.’”

7.5.16 - Libre the Puppy Rescued from a Hellish Start1



This was posted by Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania on July 4th:

Driving back from the Emergency vet in Lancaster. I can barely type through my tears.

A few hours ago I was sent a picture of a puppy. Left for dead. Emaciated. Dehydrated. And clinging to life. I told the woman who contacted me to take him to the vet. Which she did.

The doctor called me as I was almost there. And she said it doesn’t look good. He is in and out of consciousness. Barely breathing… in all her years he is one of the worst cases she’s ever seen.

She assumed I wanted to let him go. To have him euthanized, and when I said do whatever you need to do for him to have a chance, she had a surprised tone in her voice. And she said ok.

After arriving, I was taken back to a room. I could smell his rotting infected flesh before I could even see his tiny head stick out of the blanket… a lump in my throat.  And my vision blurred due to the tears.

The doctor says his chances are slim… very slim. Her exact words were “he needs a miracle.”

At seven weeks old he has only ever experienced horror, and neglect. And the only thing I want is for him to know that life can be good. It can be full of love. And affection.

I’m asking. And begging, please, please say a prayer for this angel tonight… pray that he can fight. Fight another day.

You are so loved already. Welcome to the family, Libre 


He DID make it through the night. The emergency clinic wants me to pick him up in a few hours and transfer him to my vet.  He tested positive for demodectic mange. He has severe secondary skin infections. Puss and blood is just oozing from his body. They even discovered maggots in his sores.

He is still in critical condition and we are taking it minute by minute. But he’s alive.

If you are able to donate towards his vet care we can really use the support.


UPDATE from Dillsburg Veterinary Care:

he is resting now after consuming 12 mL of liquified food. He is getting a lot of love and great medical care. A lot of people are asking us how they can help out with his care. You can call our office directly at 717-432-7031 and donate to his medical account or you go through Speranza Animal Rescue at

Thank you for all your well wishes and continued prayers as he is still in very critical condition. And unfortunately, yes this is a very bad case of animal abuse/neglect but our focus is on the well-being of this little puppy and to give him the love and medical attention he needs.


6 thoughts on “Seven-Week-Old Puppy on the Absolute Brink of Death Is Rescued

  1. I volunteer at Heartland Shelter in Northbrook,IL. Although I have never worked with a dog with so many medical problems, I do work with small medium size who have had horrific, abused , neglected lives. If you are able to save this puppies life, I would love to work with him emotionally to the point that he can be slowly loved and emotionally healed. If he is ever at the point where he can handle a longtime commitment to,living care and unconditional love,mi would be honored to bring him back to the brink of adoptability. Please let me know if you can use any help with his after care. Each abused, neglected, or tortured dog who can overcome their horrible treatment in the first years or months of their lives, it is my passion to work with them one on one to help them recover their trust and us conditional lives. You can reach me at: 847-899-0964 I can work with with our intake coordinator and perhaps figure out a way to transport him to our facility. It would really be my pleasure to recover his love and trust,
    Robin Berenson

  2. I am sending all my positive thoughts and healing energy to this sweet little life. And to those that have dedicated themselves to such a horrific cause….

  3. Has anyone been back to look for other puppies from this litter and mom? Is this a “puppy mill” and maybe Libre was …..I can barely type this it is so offensive and heart breaking….maybe these horrible people felt he would not be purchased. How sick this all is. I can not understand how anyone could ever hurt this inoccent LIFE. God bless all of you that are caring for his broken body and his soul. Your work and efforts are amazing. Melanie, your words are so powerful and we are all so proud of you and grateful!!

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