It Takes a Village to Save a Dog… and That Village Is Facebook!

“Hundreds of calls and messages went into the Sheriff’s Office that night, not only from Florida residents but callers as far away as Texas and even Canada.”

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This story comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which in addition to featuring fan-submitted rescue stories, offers a wide selection of clothing, décor, pet supplies, and other gifts.  For each purchase made, a food donation is made to shelter pets in need.

It takes a village to save a child or an animal and this was demonstrated during the late night hours on the night of September 14th, 2016. A puppy named Sassy had been the subject of long term abuse by her neglectful owner on 70th Terrace in Gainesville, Florida. The poor puppy was left tethered outside 24/7 with little shelter, soggy, moldy food and dirty drinking water. The dog was in bad condition appearing emaciated and lethargic.

Two good Samaritans who lived next door to the pup and her owner called the Alachua County Animal Control Office multiple times with little result. It was not until a plea went out on Facebook for everyone to contact the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office on Sassy’s behalf that things finally started moving.

It was reported that hundreds of calls and messages went into the Sheriff’s Office Communications Division that night, not only from Florida residents but callers as far away as Texas and even Canada.

Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brown and Sergeant Ulrich responded to the home and knocked multiple times on the front door but the dog’s owner refused to open it. They found Sassy tied up on the back porch. Her condition shocked and disturbed them both. She was like a walking skeleton and barely responded to offers of food and water.

Sassy was rushed to the emergency vet where she was deemed Parvo negative but infested with worms and fleas. Sweet Sassy is on the road to recovery and several deputies are interested in adopting her.

Sassy’s story proves to us that all lives matter. Even one little dog who until September 14th was nameless. She was saved from a torturous existence because enough people banded together to fight for her.

Charges of abuse are pending against Sassy’s owner.

Submitted by Denise Costa of Orlando, Florida



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  1. why get a a pet when you have no intentions of taking care of it. Sassy did not ask to be chosen, yet she placed her life in your hands when you took her in. You deserve to be charged for being irresponsible.

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