Carrie Underwood’s Dog, Ace, Fights Paralysis With Hydrotherapy

After suffering a back injury before Christmas, the country star’s rat terrier mix is back in the saddle (or rather, the pool) and getting his feet wet walking!


Carrie Underwood’s little dog, Ace, is on the mend this week.

The singer shared that the poor guy suffered a herniated disk before the Christmas holiday and a hydrotherapy routine is helping him get back to his old self.

“He was completely paralyzed in his back end for a couple of days and, with rest, soon got mobility back in his right side,” she wrote alongside the posted video of the dog strolling half-submerged in a water tank. “His left side is slowly getting better but we have a long way to go.”

Listen as Underwood cheers Ace on during his therapy!

Both Ace and his fur sibling, Penny, have been featured on Underwood’s Instagram page for years. Fans and dog lovers alike enjoy their antics.

“He’s taking his physical therapy like a champ!” the country star wrote. “And, of course, this is too adorable not to post!”

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