32 Dads Who Absolutely Adore Their Dogs

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!  Here are photos of 32 men who love being dads to their doggos.



6.21.15 - Dog Dads0



6.21.15 - Dog Dads1



6.21.15 - Dog Dads2



6.21.15 - Dog Dads3



6.21.15 - Dog Dads4



6.21.15 - Dog Dads5



6.21.15 - Dog Dads6



6.21.15 - Dog Dads7



6.21.15 - Dog Dads8



6.21.15 - Dog Dads9



6.21.15 - Dog Dads10



6.21.15 - Dog Dads11



6.21.15 - Dog Dads12



6.21.15 - Dog Dads13



6.21.15 - Dog Dads14



6.21.15 - Dog Dads14b



6.21.15 - Dog Dads15



6.21.15 - Dog Dads16



6.21.15 - Dog Dads17



6.21.15 - Dog Dads18



6.21.15 - Dog Dads19



6.21.15 - Dog Dads20



6.21.15 - Dog Dads21



6.21.15 - Dog Dads22



6.21.15 - Dog Dads23



6.21.15 - Dog Dads24



6.21.15 - Dog Dads25



6.21.15 - Dog Dads26



6.21.15 - Dog Dads27



6.21.15 - Dog Dads28



6.21.15 - Dog Dads29



6.21.15 - Dog Dads30


To see the video, click here.



6.21.15 - Dog Dads31


To see the video, click here.



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16 thoughts on “32 Dads Who Absolutely Adore Their Dogs”

    • All I see is large dogs, I have two shitzuses apparently I don’t know how to spell. But I love these dogs as if they are my own kids. When my wife passed these guys are all that I have, and they are very good companions.

  1. The photo of the man in the water with his dog … I read the story about them. The dog was dying and the man took him into the water for one last swim. That dog loved the water. It is a heartbreaking and such a loving photo. Makes me cry every time I see it 🙂

    • Yes, the fur baby had arthritis so he would take him swimming to ease the pain. Sadly, he has passed on now.

    • That’s the picture of John Unger and his beloved dog Schoep. I’ve been following his public page on Facebook, just after Schoep took his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. John and Schoep changed my life forever. They showed me unconditional love truly exists and I have met the most wonderful friends that a person could ever ask for from that very Facebook page. John recently has a new pup named Bear. Love never dies. It lives on in our memories and hearts.

  2. The body art is way way over the top and out of control. This generation is so out of control with this stuff, they have marked themselves forever as belonging to the devil.

    • Beautiful pictures of dogs and their loving parents and all you can see is too many tattoos…pathetic.

      • who cares about the tats……….it’s the sweetness of the angels with thier daddys that s the point of this story………. get over it or don’t look at the pictures if the tattoos offend you so much

  3. I have seen this before and just enjoyed looking at it again. It is such a good reminder of how dear dogs are .. how loving and close they feel to their humans. How they should be treated kindly and with love.


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