World’s Tallest Dog: Profile on Zeus the Great Dane

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Guiness World Records profiles 44″ tall Great Dane Zeus, the acknowledged world’s tallest dog, during this visit with owner Denise Doorlag at her Otsego, MI home.

17 thoughts on “World’s Tallest Dog: Profile on Zeus the Great Dane”

  1. He looks like a very sweet dog, but he is physically deformed. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you neuter or spay a large breed dog very young. Due to the lack of hormones that should be released at puberty, the growth plates in the legs do not close when they should, resulting in overly long leg bones. This dog has been set up for health problems later in life as a result. I wish him and his owners luck as he ages; I believe they are going to need it.

    • I agree, this picture made me very sad. A definite case of neglect. And, if he is *not* neglected, and is ill, than very bad taste in trying to glorify him in the media. BAD CHOICE all around, and he obviously needs some help.

  2. Omg! I cried when I saw this picture!
    I have a beautiful Great Dane with Addison’s disease, And there is no indication he is sick. Zeus looks like he is on his deathbed.
    That dog needs immediate treatment or he is going to have a very painful and short life.
    He is obviously not getting the nutrients that he needs. I hope the ASPCA sees his picture!!!!

  3. I don’t know much about Great Danes, but I have seen much healthier looking specimens before. I hope he’s not sick, because he sure doesn’t look well.

  4. i am not from ur country bt seeing this picture of animal neglect i can just say one thing. u all dog lovers who stay near zeus’ place please atleast complain to the local authority and animal protection right activists for this neglect..thats what we do in our locality wen we find such kinda owners who abuses their pets ..plz lets try to save zeus’ life before its late ..even if a shelter home takes him it will be better.. and his owners must rot in jail for such horrible treatment.

  5. You can see the spine and hip bones. That is not lean but too slim. But I suppose that with his size and issues it is better too skinny than fat because it would shorten his life terribly.

  6. While Zeus may look emaciated and deformed to some here, as a Great Dane lover and owner, I can confidently say “Relax”.
    Zeus is definitely thin, but for his over-tall frame, that’s the best way to keep him healthy and minimize joint problems in the long term.
    He’ll almost certainly have structural issues related to his height, so keeping the load light is crucial to his health. He’s well muscled and seems fairly comfortable.
    As for the leg shaking, a lot of Danes are nervous dogs, and mine (which are smallish for Danes) do the same thing when they’re uneasy. I know in the video it looks like just a regular day at home, but keep in mind that there are strange people in the house with video cameras and lights. Otherwise you wouldn’t be seeing this video. My dogs would be a little nervous too.


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