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63 Pit Bulls Rescued from Dog-Fighting Compound

by Melanie

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4.10.13 63 Pit BullsA dog-fighting compound was discovered when police turned up to a property in Idaho to investigate a triple homicide.

Sixty-three pit bulls were rescued and taken to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise.  They are reported to be in very poor condition.  Most are underweight, suffering from malnutrition.  Many have open cuts and scars from old injuries, and some have eye, ear and skin conditions.  Some had limps from broken bones left untreated.

“Our staff is well prepared for dealing with a large number of animals and processing them through and giving them the medical attention they need, it just takes some shuffling of resources,” said Hannah Parpart of the IHS.

In spite of being subjected to unacceptable conditions, most of the dogs are friendly and tolerate being handled by humans.  They will undergo behavioral evaluations after their urgent medical needs are addressed.

“We’re being realistic with these dogs knowing their backgrounds, but we’re definitely going to look at each dog individually to see, assessing them for adoptability,” Parpart said.

If and when the dogs are able to be adopted, the IHS will be offering them with half-price adoption fees.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the dogs’ medical care may visit: