9 Year Old Boy Charged With Cruelty for Killing 2 Dogs

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A 9-year-old boy from Warsaw, NY is facing charges for beating two dogs to death. Warsaw police say the child beat a neighborhood dog to death with a golf club in November. Earlier this month, police say witnesses saw him choke and beat a family puppy.

“The boy was allegedly seen with a small puppy on a leash and was choking the dog and then actually swinging the dog by the leash and striking a building with it,” Chief Blythe said,  “And he was seen doing that a couple times.”

Blythe said the boy was not charged in November due to lack of evidence, and the fact that the dog’s owner was uncertain about pressing charges. The child’s identity will not be disclosed to the public: the case is being tried in family court in order to protect his anonymity.


47 thoughts on “9 Year Old Boy Charged With Cruelty for Killing 2 Dogs”

  1. So this kid beats a neighbor’s puppy to death last Fall and his family think’s it’s ok for them to get a puppy of their own? SERIOUSLY??

  2. A serial killing in the making! When will people wake up and realize–violence againt animals is often the start of violence against humans.

  3. Why is his name being withheld to protect him ? Who was protecting the dogs ? This kid will never be a useful member of society there is no need for him to continue with his life. As far as I am concerned he should just be euthanized. Sorry if it upsets anyone who likes kids but that is how I feel. I feel more for the dogs than this MONSTER

  4. Lots of times they charge kids as adults when it comes to violent crimes. This is serious enough situation that they should consider it. There is only so much they can do when it is considered a child, and for that matter not what we would hope even for an adult, so anything they can do to make sure he doesn’t just go about his business of killing innocent animals should be done.


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