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A Beautiful Video Showing Just How Much Love a Dog Is Capable Of

by Fred

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We’re are fairly confident that if you’re a follower of our page, that you’re a big fan of dogs already, and won’t need a video like this to remind you of just how much love can reside within a dog.  Most of us consider them a member of the family the same way a child would be.  However, there are still some people out there perpetuating the negative stereotype of pit bulls being dangerous.  To them, we provide the following:





Remember, pit bulls and many other breeds are only as vicious as the people that train the to be that way.  Rarely is a dog overtly aggressive without something causing it, whatever it may be.  Share this video and story with anyone that still believes otherwise, and maybe we can all see an end to ineffective BSL (breed specific legislation) and discrimination against an animal that truly ONLY wants to love.