A Call for Help With a Difficult Rescue Saves More Than One Life

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Legend Animal Rescue was having difficulties with a particular rescue.  They made a call to Rescue from the Hart, who came out to assist with wrangling in a dog that Legend had been trying for quite some time to get a hold of.


12.15.15 - rescue1


12.15.15 - rescue2


They finally got the dog on a leash, which she wasn’t exactly happy about. One can only imagine what horrors this poor sweet girl had gone through in life to be this scared.


12.15.15 - rescue3


12.15.15 - rescue4


They finally got her under control, and she received a full medical check-up.  Once she was medically cleared, they took her to a foster home, where eight weeks later, something unexpected happened.


12.15.15 - rescue5


12.15.15 - rescue6


It turns out our rescue girl was a mom!  She gave birth to some beautiful puppies, and now the family is looking for forever homes with loving and caring families.


12.15.15 - rescue7


12.15.15 - rescue8


Rescue from the Hart would love to get forever homes for all of their rescues.  If you are thinking about making an addition to the family in the way of a dog, please remember that there are many great and worthy rescue animals at shelters all over the world that are waiting for you to be their forever family.


12.15.15 - rescue9


12.15.15 - rescue10


If you would like more information on Rescue from the Hart, you can view their Facebook page by clicking here, or their homepage by clicking here.  To check out the rescues at Legend or to apply to adopt, click here, or to go to their Facebook page, click here.


12.15.15 - rescue11


12.15.15 - rescue12