A Collie Named Holly is Honored with Hero Dog Nomination

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One special dog is being honored at the 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards. Holly, an 11-year-old Collie works as a service dog for her handler, Shauna Wilkinson.

Shauna suffers from epilepsy, and Holly is trained to alert Shauna five minutes before she begins to have a seizure. This allows Shauna to get to a safe place.

Holly is nominated for a Hero Dogs Award

Before Holly was trained to alert Shauna of an oncoming seizure, Shauna had trained Holly to be an agility dog.

After two years of training in Utah with the “At Your Service Dogs” organization, Holly has been able to assist Shauna. Shauna states that Holly has saved her life over and over again.

These days, the pair travel around to elementary schools to teach children about service dogs. Holly and Shauna also raise money together for a number of different charities.

Holly is only one of the many dogs being honored at this years American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

The show is set to take place October 6th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

3 thoughts on “A Collie Named Holly is Honored with Hero Dog Nomination”

  1. ‘Holly’ is a ‘Sheltie’, sometimes called a ‘miniature collie’…. Several comments regarding tihs on the website I saw this on. May be too late to correct. Beautiful dog!

  2. Does it really matter??? positive comments on what the story is about!!!! not if Holly is a collie or sheltie. People are so quick to criticize.
    I would have like to seen comments on how wonderful Holly is, not what she is…

  3. Holly is definitely a Sheltie. Anonymous, August 10, 2012 7:39 pm, I can’t see any criticizing comments, only facts. If you knew anything about dog breeds you would know there’s no such thing as a miniature collie.

    Since YOU seem so eager to criticize people, then why not add your name?


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