A Delivery Man Unlike any other Saves a Dogs Life

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ups rescueIt was an extraordinary delivery for UPS employee Hector Matta yesterday, as he rescued a dog in Boston’s south end.  Matta was going about his business, about to make a drop off when he spotted Rowan hanging from the second story window of a brownstone.

Being a dog lover himself, his first instinct was to come to Rowan’s aid as he hovered in the window, quaking with fear.  Borrowing a ladder from a nearby construction site, Matta climbed to the window to find 4 year old Rowan stuck between a torn screen and the open window.  He managed to free Rowan from his predicament by pushing him back inside to safety. “Just me being me, trying to help people out,” said Matta.

Meanwhile Rowan’s owner came home later to find him safely inside and a note explaining the torn screen and Rowan’s escapade.  Matta, who has an english bulldog at home, said simply, “I love dogs — I love animals. It’s nothing for me, this is what I do.” Both UPS and Rowan’s owner are praising Matta for his heroics in saving the dog’s life.  Matta has been with UPS for over 10 years but this will likely be his most memorable delivery to date.

“Thank you, thank you so much. In fact, I was trying to figure out how to reach out to him. I really thank them so much for saving my baby,” said Rowan’s owner who was extremely grateful and bewildered about how this happened.  Rowan is a little shaken up by his misadventure, but is otherwise fine and seemingly enjoying the extra attention being showered on him.