A Dog and a Pig

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Dumped in Missouri, these best friends hang out, waiting for their owners.

In Tuscumbia, MO, a dog was dumped, along with his buddy and best friend, a pig. Darrell and Diane, who found the pair, tied the dog to a tree so he wouldn’t wander off. No need to confine the pig because she won’t leave his side. They play together, snooze together, and cuddle each other up.

“We get lots of dogs and cats dropped off in our area, but never had a dog and a pig before,” said Diane. Both dog and pig are extremely friendly and Diane hopes their owners show up soon to collect them. If you know who they belong to, or you’re looking for your wayward family members, please contact [email protected]

Two best friends napping.

6 thoughts on “A Dog and a Pig”

  1. Come on LWD… you have to do a much better job than this with these posts. Two paragraphs? The outrage on FB to this article is palpable… but it seems to come from a lack of details? Are they still tied up? How long have they been tied up? The contact for these two animals is a TV station? Really? Not a shelter? What? If you’re looking to cause debate and controversy than… great. But if someone is trying to find a direct solution…

    • Thanks, Ray, for pointing out that this is a poorly reported story. The animals get dumped and then tied to a tree so that the owners (who presumably dumped them) can collect them?!?! Life With Dogs doesn’t usually post stories that are this ignorant. What gives?

  2. I love the color of the pit bull mix and the pig. It’s a look alike color. I hope they get adopted, I don’t think they’d want the owners who dumped them to come collect them.

  3. Suggest the dog get neutered immediately and get these animals adopted out to someone who will care for them…they actually do look well cared-for so I’m wondering if either the owner couldn’t take care of them properly any more or maybe they were stolen and then dumped?

    Please don’t ever separate them. That would be too heartbreaking.

  4. If they were dumped there, I hardly think the owner is going to come back and claim them. Please find somebody who will love them and give them a forever home. Don’t wait for the owner!!


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