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Up, Up, and Away!


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Dogs begin their flight to Oregon and new homes.

Palm Springs Animal Shelter dogs, 14 of them to be exact, took to the skies yesterday. What in the world are they doing up there? They’re headed to Oregon where they have a better chance of finding homes.

Yehuda Netanel, a pilot with Wings of Rescue, a group of pilots who donate their planes and services to fly shelter animals to rescue groups and shelters across the western United States, checked his fuel gauge, contacted the tower, and left for the  3-hour trip to Oregon. Yehuda recently flew 30 small dogs from Riverside, CA to Oregon and says of the dogs, “They’re pretty good. They say hi to each other at the beginning and then they lay down and fall asleep.”

"Hey! Wait for me!"

These 14 dogs will be taken to three different shelters who don’t have many dogs available for adoption. Because of their successful spay/neuter program, adoption events, and fostering programs, the shelters don’t have many dogs for families to adopt. The dogs on this flight have been in the shelter for too long and sending them to Oregon Dog Rescue, the Humane Society of Redmond, Oregon, and Hope’s Haven near Salem will give them a greater chance of being adopted.

“We want to reduce the number of animals in our shelter,” said Tanya Petrovna, board member of the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. “We should have 80 dogs, but we have 100. The humane solution is transferring the animals.”