A Dog Lover’s Final Wish

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Hi Life With Dogs,

Hope this note finds you well.

I have a very personal – and urgent – request: Our family member, Pets for Patriots volunteer and WWII veteran is terminally ill and just went into hospice. We don’t know how much time he has left with us, but he’s gravely ill and it could be any time.

Charles starred in our first ever video and has only wanted for as many people as possible to view it so that they can learn about our mission and work. To date we have a little under 8.000 views, but really want to swing for the fences and get 100k+ over the next day or so. In spite of his condition, Charles’ face lights up whenever I tell him the “count” for the day; we’ve been trying to promote the video on social media over the last week or so as his condition has deteriorated rapidly.

Time is of the essence. It would be a wonderful tribute to this former B17 belly gunner – who risked his life in 33 missions over Germany – to know that he has touched so many people and, in so doing, helped our charity that he loves with all his heart.

It would mean a great deal to Charles, to me and to our organization if you would feature his video prominently and help us spread the word. Thank you for considering my request.


Beth Zimmerman, Founder + Executive Director

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  1. this really touched my heart <3 this charity is really amazing and i hope that they get the 100k+ views they deserve!

  2. I agree this is a very moving video. A very noble cause. I support it from Canada. Should be a world wide endeavor.

  3. Shared on FB and Pinterest. Everyone on pinterest please pin also. Charles, Bless you and thank you for all you’ve done for us as a veteran and as an animal lover.


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