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A Home for Harry


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We are on a mission today: after last week’s big adoption success story, we’re ready to take on another special adoption case, and we’d like to start by introducing you to a remarkable young dog named Harry.

Harry is a 4 year old neutered male Pekingese/poodle mix with a beautiful smile and a penchant for adventure. The little marvel is always on the go: his foster mom says he loves chasing chickens around the family farm (although he never manages to catch them) and playing tug-of-war with his Lab housemate, or even sneaking a dip in the pond when nobody is watching.

While that may sound like the typical dog day, Harry is anything but typical: he manages to accomplish all of this without the use of his back legs.

Dr. Stacey Adair is currently fostering Harry. Dr. Adair is a veterinarian with the Fairview Animal Hospital, in Maryville, TN., and she is committed to finding the right home for Harry. “It’s going to be hard to give him up, but he needs a special home,” Adair said.

Adair and her husband have three other dogs, farm animals to care for, and hectic work schedules that prevent them from being able to provide Harry with the one-on-one attention that he deserves. He’s very much safe with them, but would still benefit from finding a more suitable arrangement.

“He can stay with me as long as he needs to, but I think he would be happier with more undivided attention,” Adair said.

Dr. Adair is willing to allocate the time necessary to help any potential adopters understand the unique needs of a disabled dog. Those interested in providing Harry with a permanent home are encouraged to contact Fairview Animal Hospital for an appointment to speak with her at 865-379-8833.