Blind Lab and Her Guide Dog Seek New Home

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Thanks to Secondhand Hounds this bonded pair of Labs have already been spared from imminent euthanasia at a local animal shelter that was unable to find a home for them.

They are Daisy and Duke: this mother and son team come with a lasting partnership that we adore, and Duke’s devotion to his mother is apparent. “She’s 10 and she’s completely blind,” said professional dog trainer Leda Blom. “So she follows his lead.”

Sadly, their owners lost their home to foreclosure, and Secondhand Hounds does not have kennels or a shelter, and all of its foster homes are full. That means time is of the essence. The pair are currently located in Nebraska.

If you’re interested in adopting Daisy and Duke please visit Secondhand Hounds.

22 thoughts on “Blind Lab and Her Guide Dog Seek New Home”

  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer! I would love these two, they are just amazing. What a special son Daisy has. Thank you to the lady who is training them also, she is doing a wonderful job. Whoever adopts them they are going to be very lucky people to own such a special mom and son.

  2. I’ll take them if their adoption does not happen and I can get them to Texas! I just lost my second one (to cancer) of a bonded pair and I know how very important it is to keep them together!

  3. I am in Indiana, I have a service dog but will take them. Not a problem if you can not find anyone, plenty of room, yard w/privacy fence etc. and my 1st service dog was a Lab ! My dogs have given me so much, would be happy to give to some back <3


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