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It was the frantic look in her eyes that first struck me like a ton of bricks.  Here was this perfectly lovely dog in a well -managed rescue behaving as if she’d lost her marbles.

Indy002lrIndy had been at the rescue for nearly a year and nobody seemed to be able to reach her.  Her owners had abandoned her.  They boarded her while one of their members underwent surgery and never came back for her.  Indy behaved as if she was in frenzy all the time.  Her jumping never ceased and her barking was even worse.  She didn’t hear anybody, it was almost as if she were deaf.  Everyone just ignored her.  I couldn’t.  There had to be a way to reach this beautiful dog.

As I was doing a stint of caretaking at the rescue I decided to make Indy my project.  I noticed that as I would bring her in from the pens outside her eyes would almost bug out of her head, she would tremble all over and look as if she was having a nervous breakdown.  I walked her right past her run and out the front door.  Within minutes she was a different dog.  Gone was the look of stress, the uncontrollable trembling, and the frenzied countenance.  She actually heeled well on the leash and seemed at ease.

“Watch out,” I was told.  “Indy is aggressive with other dogs.”  Within a day she was spending time with my older female dog Charm, as well as my little male dog Marshall, may he rest in peace.  She was aggressive with Sharkey, but Sharkey was also aggressive with her, so no harm, no foul.  Those two could easily be kept apart.  I spent the week working with Indy- what a beautiful and loving little one she turned out to be.  And of course, when my week with the rescue was up I couldn’t leave her behind. I made the decision to foster Indy. I now had 4 Jacks, which might be a great hand in poker but a real challenge in a small space with limited time.

Nobody had taken the time to find out how Indy behaved in a home situation, how adoptable she really was and if she had any hope of leaving the crazy behavior behind in the dog run.  Within a week she was doing very well.  She and the cat got along just famously, and Indy didn’t mind the wheelchair of my elderly aunt either.  She was a cuddle bug and wanted to spend time with me wherever I was.  She loves to play with toys and go for walks.  And I discovered that the more regular her exercise time was the better behaved she seemed to be.  She has the health and the energy of a much younger dog.



I began to put her in every situation I could.  She met other people and animals in the park; we went hiking in the mountains.  She went out to a ranch and hunted mice – was very good at it too.  I took her to a construction site to watch the earth moving machines and she greeted all the construction workers like a pro.  Speaking of pro – she does like to chase golf carts, something I discovered while walking next to a golf course.  She is fine walking in the neighborhood and although very alert is well behaved on leash.  She plays with the dog next door (an Italian Greyhound) and they both get the zoomies and have a ball.  She’s been on a bus, and after exploring it avidly seemed to have a fine time riding around with seniors!  She’s great on car trips although I’ve had to keep her crated in the car because of the other dogs.  She’s very protective when men come into the house, but is fine if she meets them out and about.  She isn’t good with little children and I wouldn’t recommend that she go to a home with wee ones.



This dog needs a home. She’s a wonderful companion and her time is nearly up at the rescue.  I am loath to send her back where she will revert to her crazy behavior.  She just cannot stand the noise.  She can’t tolerate the lack of attention, she simply wants to be loved and is so eager to please her eyes never leave you.  Can someone out there please find a place in your heart and your home for this wonderful little dog?  We are willing to help pay to relocate and I have a few people willing to help with her adoption fee if a good home is found.

Indy is waiting for someone to love forever.  I wish it could be me, but with the dynamics between she and Sharkey it will never work.

To read all about Indy’s progress please visit http://www.sharkeypup.com/blog/blog/190711075626/The-Chronicles-of-Indy—1.htm  There are 10 chapters about Indy so far, with a few more that I have to post.

If you’re interested in Indy please send a message either via email: [email protected] or message me through FB: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Susan-R-Stoltz/114133755308061

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