A Message from Sugar Ray

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From the Portage APL: Thank you all for your patience. Here is the latest on Sugar Ray’s recovery…

Start here for context.
The veterinarian indicates that Sugar Ray is doing pretty well at this point. He is eating eagerly the small but frequent feedings he is given. He has gained some weight. His excretory functions are now up and running. His body temperature has improved. He does NOT have non-regenerative anemia and his blood cells ARE regenerating. Sugar Ray also has started wagging his tail and back end just a little!

At this point the doctor is “less cautious and more optimistic.”

Again, a reminder that this process is going to be a long one. We appreciate everyone’s interest in his condition and interest in adoption. It is way too early for that, however. Because the treatment (which did include a transfusion) will be costly, the APL is grateful for any and all support. And to the many questions as to whether the on-line donation application uses PayPal, the answer is “yes.” Those wishing to help may click here.

11 thoughts on “A Message from Sugar Ray”

  1. thats great news, i was wondering what had happened to Sugar Ray since the only article on him is in here, great news nontheless. keep it up S R!!!!!

  2. Sugar Ray,

    I am so happy to see you getting stronger. You are such a handsome boy. I am so glad I was able to help you get a little better. I wish I could have done more… I love you so very much.

  3. sweet boy. Yay for him. 🙂 I can’t figure out how people can do these kinds of things to another living being.

  4. Dear Sugar Ray
    Me and my 2 Bostons are praying for your recovery and hope you get well soon so you can be spoiled with tons of toys and treats

  5. Me, my wife and our three Boxers (two of them rescues) are all praying for you buddy. All five of us know that Boxers are incredibly resilient and you are living proof of that. Soon you’ll be able to give those around you the full Boxer-butt-wiggle! You are so adorable and I wish we could give you a home, but we’ve got all the wild Boxers we can manage, plus I have a feeling that the competition among those vying to give you a forever home is going to be pretty stiff. We look forward to further updates on your progress 🙂


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