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A New Breed of Television: DOGTV


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Cox and Time Warner Cable have launched the first and only television network for dogs, DOGTV. Scientifically developed and tested for four years, DOG TV, “a new channel for man’s best friend,” aired for the first time last week in the San Diego market.

dog tv“Loving our dogs so much, we feel guilty when we leave them home alone,” said Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV. “DOGTV provides customized television entertainment, while the rest of the family is away at work or too busy to play. Studies show it relaxes and stimulates our dogs – keeping them healthier and more content.”

DOGTV is designed for dogs and approved by leaders in the pet industry. Backed by scientific research, humane societies and pet experts, DOGTV producers understand how dogs perceive the world. A creative team then spent hundreds of hours to produce appropriate content and test its benefits with dogs, dog owners, vets, and dog trainers before scheduling the official launch. To cater to a dog’s unique sense of sight, hearing, and movement detection, DOGTV took great care to select the right visuals – the scenery, scenarios, color palettes, camera angles, and transitions that appeal the most to dogs. In addition, the programming’s audio soundtracks, including music and other sounds, were selected specifically with a dog’s experience in mind.

Many people may be asking themselves, ‘Do dogs really watch TV?’

“The answer is yes! Dogs respond to what they see and hear on TV, and enjoy TV the most when they see other dogs, other animals and even inanimate moving objects,” said Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior. “YouTube has over 5,000 videos of dogs watching TV, and an increasing number of dog parents admit that they have seen their dog watching TV more than once. Unlike any other TV channel, every frame and every sound on DOGTV is designed 100 percent for dogs. DOGTV provides companionship – the right company – for a dog home alone.”

Research shows that dogs feel better in the company of television, especially when the right content is on. DOGTV’s three types of programming offer relaxing and stimulating content as well as positive behavioral reinforcements. Dogs that are left alone tend to become anxious so the relaxing sounds and music in the relaxing segment were created to keep the dog calm and peaceful.

“Animals need visual and auditory simulation throughout the day. DOGTV presents a breakthrough with programming that is created specifically for dogs,” said Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman. “It will help millions of dogs that are left home alone every day and also help pet parents who don’t have the luxury of taking their dog with them to work or paying for doggy daycare.”