A new phone app hopes to help find lost dogs

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lost petzLosing a pet is a scary and upsetting occurrence.  A new app has been launched that hopes to help pet owners find their lost dogs with the help of their local community. The app, called Lost Petz, acts as an Amber Alert system for dogs. The more people who download and use this app will help get the word out about lost dogs and other pets.

The app allows dog owners to send out a digital lost dog flyer to their community. It was developed by Stephen Fern. “This is just a modern day equivalent of putting up missing pet posters, contacting local media outlets and visiting the Animal Pounds and Vet centers on a daily basis,” Fern said. With the app being digital it has the potential to reach many more people in a much shorter amount of time.

When a pet owner sends out an alert, it is sent to other users of the app that are in the area. The app asks users to include a current photo of the dog, a location and time that the dog was last seen, and any additional details the owner wishes to include in the alert. In order to send an alert you do need to register, which will cost 99 cents a year. There is no cost to only receive alerts, as long as the app is downloaded you will receive alerts about missing dogs in your area.

Once an alert is created it is sent to app users in the area letting them know to be on the lookout for the dog. If they have any helpful information or find the dog they can contact the owner using the app. This way the owner will be contacted directly on their phone by other people in the community who may have useful information. Once an owner has been reunited with their dog, the app will alert other users in the area that the dog has been returned safely. The app is free to download at the iTunes store. It is currently only available for iPhone but soon will also be available for Android.